What an awesome Saturday

Went to the Metallica/Collective Soul concert on Sat and all I can say is absolutelyunf@#kingbelievable.

From when Seether started playing I knew that it was gonna rock hard until the end. Collective Soul were brilliant and when Met started I could barely contain myself.

The played old stuff and the new stuff. The sound was awesome if not a bit soft but then again a rock concert can never be too loud can it?

At the end Lars said “looks like we saved the best for last”. They played in Joburg and Durban before they got to Cape Town.

I took so many pictures that halfway through videoing one of the tracks my memory card filled up.

I get emotional just thinking about how awesome it was.

Looks great.

I forget if I posted about my Septultra and In Flames gig I went to on Thursday :smiley:

That was f**king awesome. :rocker: