What are you crunching ?

Simple enough really, what are you crunching and what are your projects splits ?

All my Boinc projects are set to 100, the only boinc projects running are Rosetta and BBC CPDN, otherwise all remote machines and a few still here are Folding. Soon to make the switch back to Folding I think as well once the goal of 100K Rosetta has been reached.


I have LHC with 99.9% of the resource share with seti filling in as primary backup and CPDN as my secondary.

Folding & D²OL 50/50 split.

SETI 100%. I did switch to Folding for a while but I just couldn’t stay away from SETI…

100% BOINC for simplicity of set service and forget. Of this :-
70% Climate Prediction - again needs little effort because you’re never going to run out of such long term WUs
20% Rosetta - Just because this seems to be in fashion at TPR and is well contested atm.
10% Seti - Because thats where we all started, just couldn’t do at least some.

Main Rig
50% Rosetta
25% Stzaki Desktop Grid

99% Rosetta

Everything at home on rossetta.

Work is split 70 rosetta, 20 Predictor and 10 seti.

100% Rosetta, Once I get a comfortable #1 there I may do some split.

3 machines at 100% SETI
1 machine at 99% LHC, 1% SETI
1 machine at 99% Einstein, 1% SETI

Be a while before you do some splits then…:stuck_out_tongue:

100% Rosetta here for a wee while yet. Perhaps see where Seti goes with Enhanced in the future.

I love this place :slight_smile:

1st on 100% seti
2nd on 100% folding

I had a machine crunching Seti on and off for ages now so it seems a shame to walk away from it. Having recently decided to leave another machine on 24/7 I thought it wouyld be good to try another so started folding.

With only two machines I can’t really see the point of splitting the effort any more as it won’t give either project a proper chance.


I’ve got 2 machines. I want to do SETI, Einstein, and Rosetta. I haven’t had good luck doing splits. It seemed like one project would always have different deadlines, and the earliest one would suck-up the CPU time.

I think I’ll try…

1 machine: SET 100%
1 machine: Einstein 50% and Rosetta 50%

Here is how I currently manage the split between 6 projects:

Project                     Share     Average
seti, rosetta, SZTAKI          60 each
Einstein                       80  -->  81.31
LHC                           120
CPDN                           20  -->  21.47

Sum of project shares roughly equals total RAC for Dione and as you see this is working nicely for the two projects with stable production on the one machine.

80 for Einstein gave about one old unit per day - now 5 or 6 Albert units.

By setting lower shares for the work venue I use Rhea to beef up a particular project - at present SZTAKI with seti and rosetta as backups.

Another idea for defining the shares would be to have the total adding up to 24 or 1440, so that each project’s share would correspond to hours or minutes active per day.

10 CPUs on rieselsieve LLR, and one doing P-1 factoring for fun. 5 crunchers off to control heat, one of which will be gone at mojos.

Windows XP box:
[li]100% Seti[/li][/ul]
Linux Box:
[li]76.92% Seti[/li][li]23.08% Seti Beta[/li][/ul]

I don’t think so, but you will have to be the judge of that when I get the dual 270 running and the rest of the farm up. Now did you ever have a weekend where you wanted to do something and the wife had your weekend planned for you! Like turning over 200 sq ft. of garden and enhance it with 10 bags of steer compost. I got the damn blisters to prove it.

Go ahead and do some Seti and see what happens! :lol:

SETI 100
SETI Beta 50
Rosetta 25
Rosetta Alpha 25
Einstein 25
Predictor 25
LHC 25

Seti@home, folding@home, D2OL - stopped permanently

LHC 100
Einstein 150
SETI 100 - Just can’t let it go :rolleyes:

going all out on Simap 1200 credit and climbing :slight_smile: