What are you Listening / Watching Now!

Ok new spam thread… (forgive me DT)
Listening: Mandy snoring
Watching: Police at neighbors house

listening = whirring of computer fans
watching = code coming together nicely to hit deadline of tomorrow :smiley:


Listening - Helden by Apocalyptica (featuring Till Lindermann)
Watching- Matrices and the Analytical Hierarchy Process :frowning:

Listening : Silence, one asleep and the other assembling a mini RC Helicopter thing

Watching : Heavy eyelids trying to close now I’ve had lunch

Listening to noisy 650w PSU fan

Watching snooker on the telly

Listening: My cavy wanting a carrot and being very verbal about it!
Watching: History Channel / Monster Quest

Listening: End Titles…Stories for Film - UNKLE
Watching: My Weight


Listening: Ubuntu 9.04 Startup Jingle :slight_smile:
Watching: The slickest Ubuntu yet…

Listening: to a grumpy 5 month old
Watching: an advert for condoms…

Listening: Anything loud and angry - currently Ministry - Bad Blood…


listening to a noisy psu fan and the wife getting ready to go out
watching Win 7 rc downloading & a paused episode of grand designs

listening to lynard skynard - best of
watching forums for signs of life… hehehehe

Watching the nice sunny weather fly by whilst at work
Listening to other people working.

watching babylon 5
listening to babylon 5 :stuck_out_tongue:

see i can pay attention :stuck_out_tongue:

Watching snooker on the telly

Listening to Babar and the Forty Thieves - March of Canned Goods. Very odd…but strangely intriguing :chin:

Listening: Random MP3 assortment, randomized playlists for the win!
Watching:Things on Ebay I really dont need, I have no space for one Snow Trac, never mind two

A German TV channel is having a Star Trek extravaganza. I have just finished watching two films and three early episodes including “Trouble with Tribbles”.

Really good fun, especially the episodes.

Listening: Golden Silence
Watching: two squirrels running around

listening, the tears of many a ReadingFC fan

watching, the world go by content with a coffee and some cake :slight_smile:


Listening: Hell To Pay by Leah Andreone
Watching: World’s Dumbest Criminals