What camera detector ??

Got zapped by a camera last week 62 in a 50 :frowning: My first ticket for 10 years :frowning:

I’m thinking of buying a camera/speed trap detector. Any recomendations. Must be able to install it permanently in the car. I’m not really keen on those that sit on the top of the dashboard like the road angel…

Are there anyothers to look at ?

Not castigation or preaching here but, the simple answer is don’t speed.

This will remove the extra taxation from speed camera’s, avoid paying high insurance preminums, put PC plod back where they should be and make our roads safer, reduce the pollution, save on your tyres, save on your brakes and have less stress when driving.

Try it, its an easy thing to do.

brick underneath the accelerator :wink: I’ve personally not seen a good one yet, a few friends have various different types, and most have just taken to doing the speed limit :woot: as the detectors are turned off because of one reason or another.

One goes off at all traffic lights that have the pedestrian scan things…

Track days - that’s the way forward, a couple a year and gets it all out of your system. I’ve a few contacts at Castle Combe if you fancy a go - now there is an idea for a TPR day out :smiley:


I have owned a Morpheous Geodasy plus, this was great and did exactly what it said on the tin, warning you as you approach you a camera… sorry, accident black spot but only going mental if you are travelling above the speed limit.

Now i have the Origon B2, does exactly the same but give slightly more info :slight_smile:

Both have protected me well a made me aware of any acident blackspots in plenty of time, the only reason i’m getting rid of the goedasy is that it simply didn’t match my new car :flip:

Both units are easy to “fit”, the geodesy i had under my ash tray, with the arial on the dash near my tax disc holder, the Origon is mounted on top of my rear view mirror and looks like it belongs there :cool:

Definatly don’t bother with the detectors imho, and don’t worry abot the Laser detectors that you can get as add on’s the the origon/geodesy, they are a wast of time because they will only tell you you have been caught… unless used with a defuser which is afaik illegal

:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :o :o



Its true and easy to do.

Takes more concentration and skill to keep to the speed limit.

Anyone can speed.

So spending more attention looking at the speedo is safer than going a bit faster and paying attention on what’s really on the road? The real solution is getting people to drive at an appropriate speed for the conditions. I’d go as far as regular retesting for everone, to get rid of the worst drivers. But this will never happen as its not a vote winner.

Get a cruise control fitted. Then you won’t have to look at the speedo :shrug:

You are on the right track almost.

The quality of driving and the almost “I am invulernable attitude in my car”, leads to bad standards, lack of attention and disrespect of other road users.

Perhaps paying more attention to the speedo would have avoided the fine?

Yeah 12 over is a big old fine and DL points here. One should be able to go 5-7 over without much trouble though. As I have said before 25 over lands you in jail and a visit to the judge before release.

I have used detectors but unless there is other traffic ahead they are worthless, Maintaining a resonable speed is the only real solution.

:rolleyes: I knew there would be one.

Yes, yes my bad for exceeding the speed limit. It isnt something I make a habbit of and is not something I conciously do. The camera’s in question are on a dual carrage way with no on or off ramps and are purely revenue collectors. They do not prevent accidents.

Anybody who can stand up and say they have never broken the speed limit conciously or not IMO is a liar.

If I had got a gizmo in my car that discreetly informed me of an aproaching camera I would have checked my speed and not been taxed.

@ Peige - Thanks for the info m8 :slight_smile:

I am of the firm belief that having to constantly stare at your speedo to make sure you arent over the limit is downright dangerous! There has been a couple of times that I have been inside speed camera areas and been clockwatching and come far too close to nudging the back of the car infront (and I HATE tailgaters so I dont do that either).

I always find it amusing to read the statisitcs that say ‘speed is a factor’ in accidents. If you study the cases more closely you notice that the fact that the car was moving is a sidenote to the fact that the driver couldnt drive and wasnt paying attention properly.

Having said all that I will say this:
Fit the cameras outside every school and high street!
But remove them from the dual carriageways where the difference that 80 makes over 60 in speed is marginal as most accidents are caused by either external factors or dawin award winning drivers.


Deaky just be aware mate that in the very near future they may well become illegal. If the election hadn’t come along when it did they already would be.

Might not be such a great investment if you only get less that a year use out of it.

I like this thread.

Lets discuss the future, not too far away.

All your driving is monitored, depending on when, where and how you drive will affect your insurance premium.

Then there will be no use for speed camera’s.

People who want to speed can, but will pay the price by higher costs.
Sounds fair to me.

Notice I said that “I have never been caught speeding”, I did not say I never speed myself.

There but for the grace of God goes you then :wink:


I had to say it before it was asked.

Everyone speeds but some more than others.
My license is clean and always has been for 27 years.

Since then having a family tends to slow you down anyway, in more ways than a speeding car :slight_smile:

So the rich can speed and the poor can’t?? Hardly seems like a fair way of doing things to me.

The rich can’t speed either - what do points make? I don’t think any of us here want to collect the prize.

"All your driving is monitored, depending on when, where and how you drive will affect your insurance premium.

Then there will be no use for speed camera’s.

People who want to speed can, but will pay the price by higher costs.
Sounds fair to me."

It was in response to that part of Allans post Mackeral.
I’ve been caught speeding before…48 in a 40…down to being distracted by my sister and her kids being in the car. Was one of the mobile vans that zapped me but i have to agree it was in the right place right by a school. I agree with GK, put the cameras where they WILL save lifes not just fill the coffers.