What's the best place to sell my car

I have a Toyota MR2 S Reg 98 2.0 GTi 16v in a nice shade of red and I am looking to sell it.

I’m hoping to get around 6k for it as it is in very good condition, has only done 60,000 miles and has 12mnths MOT and 6 mnths tax.

My basic questions is “Where is the best place to sell it?”

I was going to use auto trader website only but other recommendations are welcome. I really do want to get a good price for it because it’s my baby and I really really don’t want to sell it but have to.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

If you want to get the best price, Autotrader. eBay is OK but everyone seems to think ebay=bargin so you won’t get a decent price. Cars either have a high reserve and don’t sell or they are cheapo cars that go for peanuts. Some types of car that hold their value very well like Landrovers etc do well on eBay. I tried to sell a few Skylines on eBay and just had a load of to55ers and a load of trouble.