What's The Deal With These Scam Emails?

I’m sure you’ve all had a similar email to this one, what’s the scam, what are they after(my money obviously but how?). I must have been getting these for the last 6 years now, what can they do with just your account details? Is obviously total BS but what do they gain from this? :confused:

Dr.Martins Ego.

DEAR SIR/MADAM I am Dr.Martins Ego. Chairman of the Tender Committee of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). My Committee is principally concerned with payment of all contract awarded from 1998 to date, in order of priority as regard capital projects of the NNPC. The information we gathered from the Foreign Office of the Nigeria Chambers of Commerce and Industries is so positive as to convince us that you would provide us with solution to a money transfer deal valued at Thirty One Million United States Dollars and subsequently a jointbusiness venture.
In the course of our duties as values, and project inspectors for the on-going liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) project, we have over-invoiced the value of some jobs done by foreign contractors for the NNPC to the tune of US$31M.
As follows: - Computer optimization and Installation $16,000.000.00 Installation of 250,000.00 Monax Turbine$10,000.000.00 Turn Around Maintenance $5,000,000.00 Our aim of over-invoicing this payment is to divert the excess amount to a discrete account abroad. This fund is now floating in suspense account at the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). This is the fund my colleagues and I have decided to transfer into your account since we, as civil servants are not allowed to operate or own foreign account. The money will be shared as follows after transfer:30% for you (Account Owner) 60% for me and my colleagues10% to off-set both local and international expenses thatWould be incurred in the course of this transaction.
To be able to claim the funds, we will be purporting your company to be the original contractor / beneficiary of the funds so all procedures for international transfer shall be strictly followed, as we have worked out all modalities for a swift and riskfree transfer.

If this proposal satisfies you, please contact me Through *******@jumpy.it with the following important information.
Bank Name / Address Account Name ,Account NumberTel/Fax Telex of Bank Personal Phone / Fax Numbers for easy communication. This transaction will last for 14 working days from the time we submit the required information, as all modalities concerning this transaction have been worked out and it is completely riskfree.
Please be informed that this subject is classified sensitive. Therefore treat the transaction with utmost confidentiality andurgency.
Dr.Martins Ego.
URGENT REPLY:Please reply to ********@jumpy.it

Basically, they string willing punters along and con them into pre-paying transfer fees, deposits, release fees, legal fees and most anything else along these lines.

Rather amusingly there’s a group of guys somewhere on the net (searches furiously but fails) who play them back at their own game. Some even take holidays at their expense to meet them and expose them. Their logs make quite interesting reading.:slight_smile: if only I could find the link :frowning:

Ah, Found it, they even have a forum here or google ‘419 scam’ for more.