whats your favourate word?

as you can probably tell im kinda bored at work, and i started wondering what other peoples favourate word was…

mine is spoon as it is supprisingly versitile…

so whats yours?

sporks are better than spoons :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. yet
  2. more
  3. wedge
  4. decadent
  5. moist (just because)

I cant say my favourite word here.
but a word i say alot is “Serriously”.
no idea why…

Some plant names I find quite interesting:

From the insect world:

From the political world:
Hegemony (pronounced with a soft J sound)

From the world of food:

  1. Technically
  2. Classic
  3. Snuggle
  4. OMG… (but saying the whole sentence)
  5. Tit

[QUOTE=andylamb;419528]I cant say my favourite word here.
but a word i say alot is “Serriously”.
no idea why…[/QUOTE]

Seriously :stuck_out_tongue:

My favourite word is food :slight_smile:



The most stress relieving word in the English language starts with an F and rhymes with duck.:smiley:

favourite :wink:




Why do you like Korean cars Kyle? :chuckle:

Flange :smiley:


I think this thread could be put into better context if we were to say what our favorite slang word for something…

Tomato = mater
Potato = tater
Male body part = pecker
female body parts = fun bags :slight_smile:

Mine would have to be “moth” (It makes more sense if you understand the context I use it in)

Right now mine is ’ bed '.

Goodnight tarts.

Ambrosia :smiley:

Kiai is japanese for shout :slight_smile:
yes i did martial arts once :slight_smile:
it hurt…

todays word is … sarcasm :tiphat:

Todays phrase is ‘will the mothership please hurry up’.