whats yours?

well, time for some willy waggling,

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours,

I use one of these,

I have had some pretty good snaps out of it but I tend to underuse it, or use it just as a straight forward point and click.

Two sets of 2500mAh rechargeable, with a charger that can work from the car cigarette thing. 2 x 512Mb compact flash 80x cards means on a trip out I get 100 photos in full whack RAW format :smiley: Also treated myself with a tripod as well, that was an excellent buy for steady landscape shots and makes getting the shot you want a heck of a lot easier.

Minolta Dimage 7i


I’ve found after 3 cameras that the best and most memorable pictures i have taken are spure of the moment or stuff. So i’ve always gone for ones that fit in my pocket.
This is my third Fuji and its the Z1 :slight_smile:

I’ve got the silver version and i’m very happy with it… all the clever optical zoom stuff inside the body means its light and small and it takes a great shot imho


Ok, here is my weapon :smiley: :

a Casio Exilim Z55 with

3x optical zoom vs 7x though :chuckle:


:smackbum: I don’t need a zoom :wink: If I wanna take zoomed photos I step forward :smiley:

Mine is a Nikon 5700 - 5 megapixel - 8x optical zoom
With a few extra’s
Extra Battery
Adaptor rings
Micro Lens
0.72x Wide Angle Lens
1.85x Telephoto lens
512meg Cf Card
CarryBag blar blar blar

and thats a serious answer !!

Here is my newest side arm, Fuji Finepix S5600 (S5200 in the USA) :smiley:
Got a 1Gb xd card, which can hold 96 raw images, or 412 full quality images.
ALso picked up some nice 2700mha batteries and a charger which will work in the house or off the fag lighter in the car.

The low-tech option hmmm!! :lol:

Big guy (D2x) is used housed when diving, little guy (A620) is for about town and on-the-boat shots.

3.2 MP, 128MB card, re-chargeable batteries blah blah.

Only for the missus to take pics of houses as she is an Estate Agent.

I’m saving up for the Canon 350D.

Olympus C-8080 8mp

Underwater Housing

Just a fact about camera brands, Konica Minolta is not going to manufacture anymore acmeras as they say the market is becomming too competitive.

Minolta Dumps Camera Business

Tokyo - Japan’s Konica Minolta, one of the world’s leading photographic equipment makers, said on Thursday it would stop making all cameras because the market had become too competitive.
The company plans to slash 3 700 jobs or about 11% of its global workforce by 2007 under a restructuring package that will also see part of its business making high-end digital cameras sold off to Sony.

Konica Minolta will also gradually stop making camera film by 2007 to focus on its more profitable optics and medical imaging activities.

“In today’s era of digital cameras… it became difficult to timely provide competitive products even with our top optical, mechanical and electronics technologies,” the company said in a statement on its website.

“For colour film and colour paper, while considering our customer needs, we will step-by-step reduce product lineup and cease our film production and colour paper by the end of fiscal year ending March 31 2007,” it added.

The announcement comes less than a week after Nikon unveiled plans to stop selling most of its film cameras to focus on hot-selling digital models.

Konica Minolta struggled to adapt to the rapidly changing shift to digital photography and away from traditional film.

It slumped into the red in the first half of the current financial year and forecast a large full-year loss due to falling sales of conventional photo film and intense competition in digital cameras.

The group, formed through the 2003 merger of Konika and Minolta, made a net loss of ¥3.48bn (US$30.2m) in the first half to September, reversing a net profit of ¥8.20bn a year earlier.

In November it forecast a net loss of ¥47bn for the full year.

Digicams have got to be good business for someone. Had a Canon A1 for 20 years - did all the stuff you need and gradually made a good collection of lenses.
Had 3 digitals in the last 5 years just to keep reasonably up to date. :shrug:

Family Camera…

It, really good :smiley:

I feel distinctly small :uhh:

Casio QV-R40 4mp with a 3x optical zoom, not a patch on the big cameras but it’s a decent point’n’click jobbie :slight_smile:

What is it they say about size Ridds :wink:

Nice cause the media is a mini CD and holds about 100 - 120 snaps and even MAMA can run it.

Mine :slight_smile:

Kodak EasyShare CX7530 - 3x optical zoom, 5x digital