Whats yours ?

Whats your boiling point ? When does something that doesnt bother you get to a point and then it bothers you ?

You know something petty and childish and something you wouldnt expect from someone else suposadly older than you ?

I find mine is quiet High even tho some of you may not think… I do take a lot of shait before I give it back…

so whats your boiling point ?

let me give you an example…

Say you put hours and hours of work into making a sig… for one of your most favorite sites on the internet… to have one of those members to take it and edit it in a nasty way… against you… and be insulting… would that make you boil? would it make you boil if the members of the place where the link is posted not telling you annoy you ? make you boil ? feel there not really friends ?

thats just an example and would never happen

ME, I’m ice cold, just let it flo bro, lifes too short to get stressed about pithy things, I’ve spent weeks of work prepping stuff and getting stuff all lined up just for it to be messed up at the last minute, oh well, get on with it and chalk it up to life experience, you must have learnt something getting there that you’ll use again to do the job in half the time next time.

ice cold

what really annoys me is when you explicitly tell someone not to do something and then they do it anyway because they think they should be able to

Editing sigs is evil!

I’d like to introduce myself as Mr Vesuvius :smiley:

I’m an old man :wolram: you’ve maybe already noticed :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s OK for you young pups to be laid back, let it all flow over you, etc … I’ve done all that, and the World has simply got shittier through the years :lol:

I spit in the face of Political Correctness.
Racist ? … not me, everyone is a useless tosser until I give them permission not to be :wink:
Education … non existant, the same as punishment - start whacking people, hard, the rest will soon learn the rules :nod:
Politics … ha ha, a big joke, like living in a Banana Republic - the only thing they’re good at is corruption :mad:

From my waking moment until I go to sleep I kick, bite, scream and shout at this crazy world we now live in :wall:

… it’s only you lot that keep my sanity intact :sarcwave: :thumbsup:

Oh, and your turn will come, Grumpy Old Men are a natural phenomenon :nod:

Me, I’m Wolly’s 2nd in command at explosion-central.
I HATE the rudeness of modern life, the impersonal nature of answerphones, holding queues, multiple choice menus etc, the shallowness of the ‘celebrity’ culture.
And mostly i hate people that don’t say thanks when i hold a door open, and women in X5’s who try to intimidate me off the road.

Oh, and self-important, pretentious twits :wink:

ggrrrrr PC annoys me, i am cool with life, i mean $|-|i7 happens but the governement annoy me and so do chavs and people who think they are all that and go round in big groups terroising old people, i get annoyed when a man has to pay out £48 million to his wife when she cheated on him to get a divorce, he offered her £20 mil to go aeay, she is 50 and could not spend that b4 she dies but noooo she wanted the kids trust fund money too, grrrrrrr

and then there are people like shotgun farm dude, who shot the intruder and got sent down, WTF that sucks, he should of killed the guy this is me in a irritated mood because of a topic of the world being retarded and yeah i dont boil easy unless you press my buttons

Supermarket shopping sets me off, people just seem to leave all manners in a basket by the door on the way in, then just barge around. My biggest hate is when people see friends/neighbours and stop for a chat blocking off a whole aisle!!!

Apart form that, underlings at work can set me off sometimes when work does not get done on time, or when you set a task for someone and they ask that many questions about how to do it that you may aswell have done it yourself.

Anyone that says anything against me or my family. Oh and if my parenting comes into question, then look out.

Someone showing me Buttons that I can’t eat! :mad:

Someone eating all the buttons I took to mojo’s :wink: :slight_smile:


Someone not taking enough Buttons to Mojos, another good one!

Vegetarians who expect normal eateries to cater extensively for them who have spawned…
“Fad Diet Woman” - I’m sorry madam but if you choose to drink 3 pints of your own urine daily I can’t cater for you
“Green” people who lecture us on global warming etc. and come up with totally impossible strategies to beat it
Liars - my personal fave I really hate liars
“Modern Parents” with utterly obnoxious kids who are never given an iota of discipline
Hypocrites - please queue directly behind the liars…

I have hundreds - I’m a very angry old man with the boiling point of ether :frowning: :mad: :cussing: :censored:

my boiling point has this magic liquid that stops things from boiling, but then I’ve found if you have too much of it then I boil more furiously then fizzle :wink:

“`Ave ya guessed what it is yet?” :glug: :drink: :cheers:


I’m cool as a cucumber at first… but someone gets on my nerves and I will snap. Lately though drivers have gotten me up in arms… especially the gits who drive 15 under the speed limit but then speed up to the speed limit when you get to a passing zone. Once you’re past, they’re back to 15 under again.

Someone mentioned shopping in the supermarket because of folks standing in the aisle chatting. That drives me crazy occasionally, too.

I’m not particularly PC except at work where I’m more concerned with my paycheck.

what gets me mad is the people on this island i mean they drive around they won’t let you out at a junction like where are they going this place is that small if you f**t you can smell it on the other side of this place …lol and the people in the shops never say please or thankyou

makes my blood boil :frowning: bunch of inbreds

well…the first thing I have to say is that as I get older the list of things that make my blood boil is getting longer, and longer, and longer!

Here’s just a few of the ones that really get to me…

motorists that dont say thankyou in some, small way when you pull over to let them through…it’s like you were expected to do it. No facial response whatsoever from them!

Kids, when stuck in the morning school run, who think it’s oh, so funny to walk out in front of you and watch your reaction when you either have to slow down or make screeching stop…then they just laugh with their mates about it.

Old people, who insist on paying for their weekly shopping in 2s and 1s…and yes, they do always seem to get into a queue just before me, making me wait the hideously long time…and watching every other shopper go through the other 4 aisles in no time whatsoever…I’m sure they’re sniggering at me!

Parents who deliberately ridicule and put down their kids because they think it’s funny.

People at work who fail to do what they’ve said they will do, in the time-frame they said they would do it. This is a particularly bad one in my book, because it will quite often reflect badly on me…and I pride myself in my work.


People who waste my time. I can never get it back again…it’s gone now! Thanks a lot!

People who aren’t happy unless they are whining about something. This ticks me off because they continuously fail to see that there is always something to be thankful for.

Queue jumpers.

Gossip-mongers…It ALWAYS ends up biting them in the ass, or hurting the one they were gossiping about! Another no-win situations

Oh, and people that never actually say what they really mean…eh, Binlala :wink: