Who is Nikki Gee?

Who is it? Who is this woman? Is she stalking me? Are we related?


Facebook thinks we should be friends. I have never met this woman. As far as I can tell neither has anyone else I know, she is not a “friend of a friend”. So who is she? Why should I be friends with her? I just don’t get it…

Hey guys … Mojo’s pulled :smiley:

I haven’t pulled so much as a muscle for at least a decade, for all I know its a bloke…

hmmm, yeah that could be awkward …

would be a shame if you missed out on a Nigerian princess that needed to transfer her late uncles assets though, did she mention how your profile matched her requirements ? :lol:

Or, on the burpy stage of pre-chundering

with the classy comment “Been cocked more times than Davey Crockets rifle”

Dunno if thats the same one m8 but if it us I swear I wouldn’t touch it wih a bargepole dipped in doggydoo. And she’s Scottish, so no bloody chance!

:lol: Sweet!

Should be simple enough to sign her up to some pron lists. :chuckle: