Who the heck are the Swansea_Stompers !

And man can they dumpage :bigdump:

Welcome boyos!

looking on the team stats it’s Binlala and Master_Chief, who have merged there accounts.


The stats meister would indeed be correct, name seems to have taken inspiration from somewhere :wink:


I have a plan… thats the reason for my account going bye bye…but for tpr to keep the stats we merged mc and I and are now going to run it together:P

if all things go to plan look out for DTCS :wink: and I mean you major :stuck_out_tongue: haha


Bring it on ya tart! :moon::smackbum::moon::smackbum::moon::smackbum::moon::smackbum::moon:

shall I set up a race :slight_smile:


nononon still working on it here…im going to ask…if I can run d2ol on work computers…I dont know if they will allow me…yet

I dont really know how to ask about it !! :S :frowning:

I wondered how long it would be till u lot noticed.

Turned out to be about 3 hrs lol. You ppl are rabid stats whores aye!

3 hrs about the time it takes for the stats to update… nothing gets by us :wink: :slight_smile:


You could try to make a good case for the company doing it. Most companies want to be able to say they are socially responsible, do things that will benefit the community and so on. Try selling it as a contribution to good public relations. The company name could be the account name (as for Avalon Plastics.)

“In the past year, Wonderful Things Ltd have sponsored …, …, and donated so-many hours of background computer time to Rosetta@home :slight_smile: as a contribution to research into cancer prevention.”

You could also structure participation rather like the company badminton club, or whatever. The team mentions the company and individuals can have their own at-work account and project allocation if they wish, with a default account for other machines. If we ever resurrect the virtual teams, I imagine such company teams could be assimilated as an external virtual team.

My then-clients ran seti classic for a while - with the (unwitting and eventually rescinded) approval of the computing department - and most of my colleagues were happy to let me run it on their workstations overnight and at the weekend, but not during the day. Boinc’s ability to define times for the processing to be active might well be important.

bah cheap tricks :stuck_out_tongue: trying to stomp me by joining together eh, i see you’re still behind… bring it on ya tarts!!! come on i really shouldn’t be in the top 15 with my feeble crunching efforts on d2ol !!


and for that Ill dump a little more today :stuck_out_tongue:

He technically works for the government, so thay dont need to look good :wink:

Tho i did tell him all that ages ago :o

this is a tactic also pinched from the Stomping Boyos, account merging ring a bell eh lads? :wink:

:wink: indeed