Who's idea was it?

To have an exam at 9 on a Saturday morning:(

Well thats pretty much all my exams over now :woot:

Got a multiple choice one next Friday:p

And thats a week of 4 exams just gone :slight_smile: 3 in a row as well…glad tonight’s a great club night at the union…

@Gizmo - You off to the Wendy House this time? Missing out because of the TFT :nod:

Best of luck with the results D :xfinger:

Good luck with your results Drezha :thumbsup:

good luck on your results got fingers crossed here for you but im sure you wont need it lol

Good luck matey :slight_smile:

aint going to wendyhouse for a while :frowning: need cash… lots of cash for moving house :smiley:

New house I think outweighs the Wendy House hands down :smiley: Good luck on that! :thumbsup:

OH MY just being nosey i looked up wendy house :stuck_out_tongue: looking at the pics of that OMG half god them are in there under wear now i know why giz likes it there :wink:


Music’s good as well:wiggle: :stuck_out_tongue: