Who's in N.Wales?

Anyone in N.Wales, near bangor and willing to help my mother in law? Her PC is saying inaccesable boot device, I’ve done the bit’s and bobs I can over the phone but needs a site visit, I’m a few hundered miles away so it’s not as if I can call over. At worst it’s retrieve some data off the disk after booting from a usb drive and a full re-install, at best it’ll be a bios reconfigure to get it to boot from the right disk.


Its not a case of CD boot being enabled and booting with a CD in the drive or something similar with a USB hub and anything with a card reader attached ?

Had to “fix” a laptop that wouldnt boot because it had a CD in it once, could be the same and I cannot get Hollys PC to boot cleanly with a Kodak 5500 printer attached because it tries to boot from the printers card reader.
Bloody kodak.

No, well I had her check the cd and floppy drive thought I didn’t think about the card reader, I’ll get her to check, but I don’t think she has a card reader.

I know Olly86 was in Bangor Uni and have sent him a PM but he’s not been about for a while, that damn TPR bungie needs deploying.

I’ve done a couple of fixes that required a ‘local’ touch by simply using Parcel2Go to fetch and return the unit.

Might be worth a try if there isn’t anyone close enough.