Whos is going to swear alliegance to the Queen ?

what twit thought that one up ?

perhaps he should go to Belfast and try and expalin his reasoning

just saw the same news story - I think the term is ‘slow news day’


Do you have a link to the relevant news?


was just on the ten o’clock news :sigh:


Will wait till i’m sober to reply :wink:

Yet they have a go at being PC and not being able to be “British” like at Christmas…

I think swearing at politicians would be more fun. Madge is ok though.

[QUOTE=drezha;415027]Yet they have a go at being PC and not being able to be “British” like at Christmas…

funnily enough christmas was a german festival :smiley:

Santa Claus being German for Saint Nicholas :wink:

funnily enough look at the queens ancestry :lol:

and schwartz pete being santa’s original helper , now not pc

Ive already swore an Oath of Alliegance to Her Majesty. Do i win a prize?

I’d suggest an oath of loyalty to the Kingdom, but to that German-loving old buffoon? Get real.

Im all for hitting the b*****s with hanging for treason if they want to abuse our hospitality though.

(After they are handed to me for 72 hours with a selection of Back & Decker power tools and a soundproofed shed somewhere)

I was implying the fact that the country is a Christian country and that at christmas we are told to watch out for the feelings of other religions when it is them that is living in our country.

This country has been around far longer than any Christian dogma was spewed onto its shores, forcing the inhabitants to accept the love of god or die; nice Christian values that come out at Christmas (once a year, thank god).

The head of which is the Queen herself being able to perpetuate this legitimacy to her reign with not only the law of the land but the threat of burning in hell if you depose her.

And as an after thought let’s force this upon every person entering the country and force it down the throats of our children too, in the way of a pseudo American, vomit inducing pledge.

PS I think it is a bad idea :smiley:

You disappoint me Mickey, I was expecting a lot longer a post :smiley:

I think it’s a totally pants idea tbh, but the bit about treason down the bottom of the article…

Lord Goldsmith has called for Britain’s old treason laws to be scrapped or reformed. At the moment they include sleeping with the wife of the heir to the throne, which is punishable by life in prison.

So what should have happened to the person who slept with the heir to the throne when he was married to someone else? :chin:

[QUOTE=Hidden Spirit;415050]

So what should have happened to the person who slept with the heir to the throne when he was married to someone else? :chin:[/QUOTE]

You’ll have Al Fayed in here in a minute

Divorcing the idea of swearing an oath to the Queen from the rest of Goldsmiths wacky-baccy plans, yes I’m in favour. Have always been a fan of the current monarch she is a shining example of how to run your life with dignity, principle, integrity and decorum whilst those around you (including your own family, and for that matter Lord Oh-So-Holy Goldsmith PSSST I’m Tony’s mate from University no nepotism there) descend to the gutters like swine.

It shouldn’t be that you pledge allegiance to the Queen necessarily, but it should be that if you migrate to our shores you should be prepared to pledge an allegiance to the country in that you will not seek to do harm!!!
I think if people don’t like the country they live in they should head off to a country they think they’ll like, if they’ll have them and don’t come back, even for medical help. Kind of you make your bed…

In an ideal world, people would be more able to live in any country and be governed by their laws! I think there’s a long way to go before the planet actually stands together and can sensibly adopt such actions, but I think it’s future and mankinds survival will depend on it!

As a republican I would object loudly to swearing an oath to the Queen, nothing special about royalty. Ironically, neither would I swear alligence to my country.