Why I shouldn't read the news ...

becuase I start to sound like a grumpy old man :tiphat: :wolram:


I just begin to fathom the thought process, although for ONCE a PCSO actually doing something worthwhile - I don’t know what I’m more shocked about, the sunburn or the PCSO being the one to spot it :smiley:

The past week really has had some shocking stories, but as Mojo posted on Facebook, it’ll all be fine because we’ve all to be disappointed by the football world cup yet - that’ll be much worse :furious:


Amazing that no-one else spotted it. And that the mother is so mentally deficient.

Although, what i suspect happened was that no-one dared say anything in case of assault or some charge of child molestation, and the only person who had the nerve (and official backing) to do anything was the PCSO.

Damn political correctness

[QUOTE=DoubleTop;453155]because I start to sound like a grumpy old man :tiphat: :wolram:


aah, I see DT is approaching the glorious age of cynicism, welcome to the realm of ‘say it as you see it:smiley: It’s quite nice really, you can say some wicked things and people just call you a cantankerous old sod :lol:

… ps thanks for the compliment > :wolram: