Will be coming over from Skzdalimit

Welcome m8 good to see you :smiley:

Hiya matey!

Just out of interest, how many active members were in your team before you split, and what was your total? :slight_smile:

welcome to the madhouse, :wave:,
/nostalger moment - stay a while…stay forever!!!


We had over 250 active members until yesterday when Michael (founder of the group) decided he’d had enough and didn’t want the responsibility anymore. I can’t blame him…

I had over 1400 WU’s, but won’t be able to bring them over since I’ve lost my password. Starting from scratch sucks!!!


I think you can get someone at Berkley to sort that for you.
There were a couple here that had accounts merged and the
like. Worth a try if you want them.

welcome mate, and sorry to hear about Skzdalimit, Michaels a fine guy, and they were my first Seti team i joint over three years ago now… :frowning:

Welcome to the team m8