Win a Volvo

No joke here, Volvo have buried an XC90 in a steel shipping container somewhere and have put a treasure map up on the 'net so you can hunt for it.

Its a themed car to advertise the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie so its not as valuable as a showroom one.

Happy hunting

PS: You have to dig it out yourself at the end

SLiM drives a XC90, and gotta say, you’ll need one heck of a shovel !! If it really is in a container like the add, the cost of digging it up you could get a decent condition one second hand :slight_smile:


Nice plan … give us your Email address so we can keep in touch

(meanwhile we will sell it - along with the many others - to those nice folk that spam you to death)

oh stop being such a cynical sod wolram :wink:

Is this a US thing, or UK?

I think it’s both. Just saw an ad on TV last night for this, and I live in the states.

well after seeing an xc90 wobbling all over the place today… TBH IMO they can keep it not something i’d like to admit winning / driving

ugly monster

id sell it if I found it…and buy a VW Golf :lol:

Seriously don’t knock them until you’ve either been in or driven one, really comfy, loads of room, all the gadgets and toys and a huge reserve of power at the flick of a switch. If I found it, I’d keep it and buy a petrol station franchise :lol:


I’d take it out and get it proper muddy then ebay it when the first service came up.

Id have to agree with you there bin,
Golf damn good car… plenty of power in the lil blighter.
Also with teh money u get from selling the volvo you would have plenty of spare cash for some neons spoiler and body :stuck_out_tongue:
and perhapse a nice sound system :smiley:

OMG no chance if you did that to a car you would never get me in your chav car no chance not in your nelly least you didnt say a seat ibiza a hairdressers car :stuck_out_tongue:

Id keep the volvo depending on what type it was if you didnt want the logo thats all over it just send it for a respray :slight_smile:

/me likes my Seat Ibiza :moon:


/edit - a nearly topical link …

I sure hope it aint bright yellow please dont say it is :s

/me passes Scottishbird the spade …


can i have a ladder please i cant get out of this hole im in :stuck_out_tongue:

/me nudges andy and cries why didnt you tell me he had a yellow ibiza :frowning:

probably because I don’t - it’s a red Ibiza


Hee hee he has been winding me up about that the git just wait till i see him :stuck_out_tongue:

instead of finding and digging up the car, you could find it and sell the location on ebay, with the disclaimer that if the car isnt where you think it is tough luck :wink: