windows on mac

:eek: never thought it would go official

anyone got a intel mac ? tryed it yet ?

Saw this on various tech sites yesterday… made me look at mac mini pricing. At £450 for single core and £600 for dual core they’re not exactly cheep and costs an extra £70 to double the ram to a gig. Wondering if they would make a good video playback box bearing in mind they come with a remote… it was an expensive gamble which is now less so if XP is there as a fallback.

Purely for hardware price comparisons, I have a feeling the last time I looked core duo laptop prices were not much more.

looking through the installation guide it says that the apple remote is not supported in XP

I was thinking of using the remote native as a mac :stuck_out_tongue: time to dig up reviews… if I wanted to go the windows route I could use any old PC with XPMCE…

Ho, yes :smiley:

@2blue4u, which imac do you have? Know if it’ll play mpeg4/divx natively or with ease under OS X?

Random thoughts… does boot camp only work with XP? I get the impression that it might be tuned and detect for it and not allow installation of other OSes. Still deciding if I should get a mini to play with… with some windows OS as a comparison or fallback option. Even if it is XP only, I wonder if it could be used as a launchpad to put another OS on afterwards?

mpeg/divx - dunno. I would use OSX for this. My imacintelXP is for work and won’t see mpeg/divx.

Boot Camp allows you to:

  1. partition your HD allowing you just one partition for XP

  2. create an imac device driver cd-rom for use after the XP install

  3. boots into the XP installation

The full course of action is to check latest OSX, check latest firmware, spend hours looking for a suitable XP install CD, do 1, 2 and 3 as above, run the usual XP installation, use the imac device driver cd previously prepared and, er, bob’s yer auntie. That’s it.

The following restrictions do apply:

a) Only ONE partition is allowed for XP. You must install to the prepared C: partition without attempting to alter/delete/create from within the XP installer.

b) If you want to use FAT then your XP partition must be limited to 32GB. If you do use FAT then, so I read, you can access the OSX partition from within XP. I didn’t, having a 100GB partition and NTFS.

c) You can ONLY use a full copy of XP. Either Home or Pro. Upgrade install cds can’t be used. I used an OEM XP Pro and it activated via the web which surprised me. It is the installation from the XP clone PC that the imacintelXP is replacing but I was surprised that I didn’t get grief for using an OEM install CD.

d) The on-board camera doesn’t work under XP (thank the Lord)

e) The remote gizmo doesn’t work under XP

f) and there’s one other thing which I can’t think of at the mo. Can’t be of any consequence.

I have the 2.0 Ghz 20" imacintel that comes with just 512mb ram. I purchased a 1GB stick despite believing that the shop was selling me the wrong item. I now know it is the wrong item so I’ll be returning that and ordering from crucial as I usually do. Having said that, I’m impressed at the speed of the thing with just 512mb. The dual core helps enormously. The only time I was beginning to be a little concerned that there may be performance issues was the speed of CD read during the install. But apart from that, it flies :smiley:

Aah, thanks for the info. Doesnt look promising for any other OS then. The first question was does OS X do mpeg4/divx? Not XP… got enough windows boxes around already :smiley:

don’t know… interesting one about running diff os’s under osx