Windows vista Public beta2

So who else here is trying the public beta?

Well i installed it this afternoon and it is quite smooth, the only problems i’ve come up against so far is,
[li]java irc - installed latest java VM, irc starts loading but just ends up on the sun loading logo, both fire fox and IE7
[/li][li]sound card - Probably just to old and need a new one, but blue scrrens on start upnow, oh well a new reinstall

on the up side it detected my raid card without needing to supplie drivers :slight_smile:

So what are your experiances?

Only got it working on one box so far (t-bird 1400, 512MB ram, FX5200 128MB). Looks ok, works but so slow just opening windows and stuff… I think it is ram limited as just on the desktop after install, task manager was reporting over 400MB usage. Didn’t recognise my 3com gigabit network card so not tried anything much on it. It so far seems like 2k/xp but with yet more eye candy (less annoying than xp) but more “are you sure” type popups (really annoying!)

It wouldn’t install on my laptop at all, kept complaining about some problem writing to boot device.

Downloading the 64 bit version at the moment to try on a higher spec shuttle.

I was downloading it for some time but azureus kept cutting out my network connection for some reason and that killed my DC work… So its not a priority at this time.

got the iso and have the DVD burnt, too nice to sit messy with PC’s though, and a little matter of a football match :wink:


Got a key etc just waiting to get round to downloading the ISO.

Give in trying the MS site, it’s blown to bits and the rubbish download manager is even worse. There is a real good connection on the BitTorrent network, still unsure to it’s legalities, but lets face it, MS want as many people as possible to see the new OS, slightly tickles me that an open source protocol is the best distribution method for MS :chuckle:


The MS download manager worked well for me. It just worked… burning the 64 bit version now. I previously downloaded the 32 bit from firefox without manager!

MS were flakey when the news first broke out, but seems ok now.

I d/loaded the 32 bit version without the manager with firefox, was at about the 20th attempt though after the our servers are busy message.


cba looking for sata drivers, so after nicking off the folding folders off an IDE from a drive from a since sold machine, installing now on the xeons I got from mackerel.


First thing I did :lol:

DT. (from IE7 on Vista)

Downloaded 1st attempt using the d/l manager and no waiting. The burn has nearly done.

No probs so far…

confirmed fault with 32 & 64 bit, contacted jpilot for advice just waiting to hear from them. It appears the java client can’t downlad the cab files to run the client.


got it running Excellent.

Unfortunatly sound card drivers aren’t working…will try and sort ASAP :frowning:

Really liking it so far. And folding works on it no probs (so far!) :smiley: