Windows XP help

ok I know this is doable because we used to do it at my training centre…out of spight but I forgot…

Someone I know changed there password on windows xp and forgot it…now from what I understand they made another account that was admin but have also forgotten that… now what we used to do involved booting into safe mode and some twiddly things with cmd…now I ws wondering if some of you very clever ppl could remind me of how to do it… Now I know its not such a good thing to voice the way to everyone…So I was wondering if you could pm me the way !!

for next time - see here :wink:;en-us;306214&

I personally have used the following method numerous times…

Start a normal Windows install from CD, when get to setup now press ENTER not ‘R’ for repair. Select the XP install and press r to repair. Go cool down :wink:

After the first reboot - the copying files bit, keep an eye on lower left of screen until “Installing Devices”, then press shift and F10. One nice security hole :slight_smile:

At the prompt, type NUSRMGR.CPL and press Enter. You can also use ‘control userpasswords2’ tp make changes to the logon types. Repair will complete and all settings remain intact.


^ wow that is a big vuln :open_mouth:

'Tis why admins disallow access to removeable media. :wink:

ok so im at the house with said pc and its a packard bell…when I do the xp installation disc thingy it wants me to reformat??

hum i take it your useing a DELL Restore disk and not a XP Install disk if so things can be bit harder to do as most time that dosent do an install but more of a restore of a disk image . i know when i had that with my old HP there was a way to do it . but was such a pain i went out bought a win 98 se disk just to not have truble myself with the restore disk.