I signd up to a company called Glasgow Driver Hire,
now i dont drive yet but they also look for wearhouse workers ect.
i got my first call today to work in (Big sweedish furniture company i cant say the name of ;))
from 12 midnight to 9 am tonight :).
should be fun :slight_smile:

well done :slight_smile:

:thumbsup: Nice one Andy :slight_smile:

Bout time you lazy goit :wink:

Great stuff Andy :thumbsup:

Nice one Andy :clap:

(me wonders what I can flog to him now :Plot: :lol: )


Nice one! :thumbsup:

Great news people.
As from monday i start all week night shift
mon to fri £7.50 an hour.
so all sorted :slight_smile:
im shattard im goin to ma bed :stuck_out_tongue:
btw the shift was good so all hunky dory :slight_smile:

Glad it went well Andy and that you have a job out of it :thumbsup:

Good news mate…this mean you might be getting to another mojo’s sometime soon??

Slave labour;)

Welldone, every single sheckle helps I know.

well done mate… 7.50 is better than wot i get lol

SJ says she’ll race u to get driving first lol

Get to work ya highlnader tart! :wink: Congraties! :wave:

And with that wage, he’s got no excuse for not buying us a drink!:smiley:

thats better than i get! well done lad.

Not a bad rate at all for warehouse Night work, makes for a nice overtime rate as well :wink:

7.50 O_O…do your duties include looking over legal cases in your breaks

Congarats :wink: Maybe i’ll see you at next Mojo’s :slight_smile:

We are hoping to get to the next one its just bad timing for this mojos but now that he has this job we are gonna get andy through his driving test and get a car which will make life easier all round

1 for him getting in and out of work
2 for him to drive me around the shops :wink: hrrrmmm i mean easier with the kids to get around lol
3 for him driving us all down south when needed :slight_smile: (ie seeing friends and family and getting to mojos of course)

i am proude of him getting this job it will perk us all up a little b able to do more things than we do now. And once Holly is a little bit older i am going to go and get a part time job too to bring that little bit extra cash so there will be no stopping us after that watch this space :wink:

Well mojo’s this year is probably a no. but we will see.
i want to try and drive down myself so wait untill early next year for that one :slight_smile: but you never know.
this is the break i needed.
and the best part of working for driver hire is that i can work any shifts they have so i work at this place mon to fir every night if we need any extra cash i just work what ever jobs they have,
i could also work weekends if i want to but TBH i think that would be too much just now.
and Night shift is so much better than day shifts.
so when ur all snugged up in ur beds ill be working a way.
i know its wearhousing but its a good laugh and the guys in there keep it lively so there is not really any boredem.
probably about 6 am i start to get a bit heavy on my feet but a black coffee and cola and about 50 proplus keeps me going :D.
but i prommiss i will get to mojo’s when i can bu id rather not take any time off just now untill i know im going to be safe in this job :slight_smile: