Our first council flat…

we got the keys last week and prcess of decorating it :slight_smile:

Flat pics

Its nice and spacious and nice view over glasgow as its on 10th floor. Thats only the downside. Gonna take a month or two beofre we move in fully. As we have permission to take out a cupboard that used to be watertank/boiler. Gaining more room in the bathroom :slight_smile:

All painting in the kitchen/living room is done ready to paper and hall is nearly finished. Just carpet to get for living room :slight_smile:

Got a great carpet for mD Jnr (Michael Daniel) It got roads on hehe and hes gonna have blue room with animal border :slight_smile:

Will post more pics to show progress.

ps… U’ll see uncle johnnypf holding baby michael too :smiley: :smiley:

Michael & SJ and baby mD

Congratulations to you all :clap: Won’t be long before it becomes “home” :smiley:


Good news mD :cheers:

Congraties on the new place, looks like you are making it a home :thumbsup:

Great news mD :thumbsup:

Nice one MD. were trying to get a aplace also… but youres looks great…Any chance of some pics when its all done especially the kitchen that looks nice :slight_smile:

the council fitted a new kitchen & bathroom before we got it. :slight_smile:

You gotta do before, during and after pics :smiley:

conga rats, hope that you settle quickly and enjoy your new home :slight_smile:

lol dont encourage him youll only get awful pics of me attempting to wallpaper rofl…:cuckoo:

Congrats guys. Plenty visits to B & Q to follow… :smiley:

Yeah for me as im the one who is removing the steel cupboard from the bathroom (its built into the corner of two rooms with doors into hall) and putting in new wallsections in its place. Then thers the electric box’s and gas pipe to build a cupboard with shelves around, theres also a new a kitchen door (bi-fold) and bedroom door (md jnr’s) to make.
What else were you wanting bro? Oh yeah 2 vented covers for the storade heaters (so jnr cant burn himself) and shelves (built in) to go up in lounge. I’ll prob lay all the carpets if they have them by end of the month too :eek:

Soo someone is going to have a busy week when he visits MD :rolleyes:

PS Ban MD for showing that pic of me :stuck_out_tongue:

but bro its cute :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats MD ,SJ and ikkle MD

Hope you have a great time in your new home just now its just a house once you get all your stuff init then it will be home :slight_smile:

and JPF that pic is cuite the doting uncle :wink:

I may be completely wrong but from what I remember you can’t actually put covers over storage heaters as it’s a fire risk (as I say, I could be wrong). Little mD will learn very quickly that they get hot and won’t touch again. Mine all learned without burning themselves :slight_smile:

Webpage is updated pics 9, 10, 11, 12
12. is kitchen half done :slight_smile:
9. michaels room ready for decorating when they come fix the hole int he wall :s
10. kitchen painted
11. is the living room decorated just the carpet to go in when we get it.

stop that mD and JohnnyPF, you never know someone might show how progress can be made to Mrs Balrog :lol:

Looking good :smiley: :thumbsup:


The place is really starting to look great you have done wonders

tell me the secret SJ how did you get MD to work so hard mabee i could try it on andy and get this living room finnished :wink:

It would be great even to have one room decorated and finnished even tho we are moving we are here for now and would love a room that looks good fresh and looking a bit like home .

actually hunny it wasnt just him it was me and my mum as well, :wink: but dangling a cup of tea on a string in front of him seems to do the trick…tho he started doing my mums living room in jan and its still not finished…UGH

Funny that, the kettle was the first thing me and mD unpacked :rolleyes: :smiley: