WOOT! I am back!

Sorry for the absence but not entirely my fault.

Won’t go into it more than to say, I am back, although probably a little more limited than before (time permitting).

It does seem strange to have not posted for a while.:mad: :smiley:

WB Bob:D

Tch, there goes the neighbourhood :rolleyes:

Welcome back m8, hope everything’s alright :smiley:

Welocme back Bob-A-Job, I do hope all is well

heh Bob-A-Job! :wave:

Welcome back mate! :wave:

Welcome back mate :wave:

… still aint caught up with you tho’ :frowning:


Hi bud, you missed all the fun :smiley:

But hope your ok though :agree:
Mail me if you need a chat m8.

Welcome back Bob-a-Job :yippee:

Nice to see you back Bob :thumbsup: :banana: :banana:


Welcome back!

The house got filled a bit more in the meantime and you will see alot new faces;)

welcome back bob-a-job, nice to see the older members returning with the new…
hope your ok friend

Welcome back mate… :slight_smile:

Welcome back matey :nod: