my first day at my new work place has gone really really well and i enjoyed it…(computer shop…building upgrades ect…)
altho i have to wait for the boss to get back to close the shop.untill then i am sitting on this pc with a nice 20 inch tft monitor…cant complain.:smiley:
will be getting a new pc out of it soon as well :D…it is a asus terminator 2 with 2.6 cel cpu.:smiley: all is well and i hope it stays that way :smiley:

oh indeed…altho there is only one main works pc at the front desk im sure i could persuade them into letting me crunch :smiley:

Computer shops must have plenty of Pc’s on show to make the punters drool

And cruching in the background :nod:

well actually stock is not left in the shop…u ask what u want and we get it…to avoid breakins ect…but i will get it crunching seti BOINC! hehehe sorry neal but your pimp powers dont work on me…lmao :smiley:

WEll done m8 :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Nice one Andy :thumbsup:

Bout time too you lazy goit :smiley:
Well done m8

Great news Andy!

Bet that means that scottishbird is asking to be taken out for meals now then :wink:

Nice one!

Excellent news Andy :thumbsup: Any specials likely to find their way in Watto’s shop at all? :chin: :smiley: