Would you pay for CD ripping ?

Pop quiz time, having this discussion with a business partner on whether this is a viable thing to do. There are some services online that you post your cd’s to them on a spindle, they rip them and send you back DVD’s/HD with the rip in your choice of format and quality.

Now a brief check of legality means a business cost of getting a lawyer to write a terms and conditions document, although those online seem to simply have a checkbox for “I own theses and won’t distribute the mp3’s”.

Then there are hardware costs for automated robotic systems and a machine. Now come the question to you lot :slight_smile: Personally, I would not hand over my CD collection to a business, £2.5k worth of cd’s :nono:

BUT, who would, and how much would you pay ? A few basics means a £1 a cd means breaking even to pay someone to odd-job answer phones and fill the robot every so often. I personally think that means a not viable business model. BUT, personX feels that a local service, where a person picks up and then delivers for you your cd’s for Ipod usage. So I need some “market research”, you guys hopefully. I know this is a bit unfair on personX as most of us are happy to do our own, so bear that in mind please if you could :smiley:

Thank you in advance for those that reply to the poll.


I prefer to do my own CD to MP3 rips. Some (of my) MP3 players are a little fussy about settings so I like the consistency which can only be 100% guaranteed by doing it myself.

I do it my self TBH its usefull having that service there say for instance if u need a quick burn if your drive die’s on you but say at £1 per disk say u wanted 30 discs or maybe less burnt then surly it would make more sense buying a new burner?.
so IMHO i think its a “RIP” off :wink:

The hassle of noting which discs you have sent, what format(s) you want them ripping to and being around to receive/collect the discs and check they are all back undamaged etc far far outweighs the convenience of D.I.Y.

Also, many of my CDs are not ‘mainstream’ and therefore the receiving company will have to input track names etc manually - quite a labour-intensive task. This would have an impact on their business model. I would not be happy if I paid for a service and got back my ‘ripped’ files and had to re-name them myself.

Even M$ media player will rip discs for you in a range of popular formats, so anyone with a PC and 5 minutes tuition can do it easily.

I don’t think single CD reproduction is really that viable considering time
needed and is a totally different senerio to mass volume duplexing.

In a Business enviroment Your talking CD Read / CD Rip / CD Write / CD validate which is going to be slower than joe normal doing just a read-rip / write.

If you work on say a 5min process per CD on a single copy unit that’s 12 per
hour netting £12 @ £1 per cd

Minus overheads / media cost / personel time / any other advertising costs / expenses blah blah blah

I cannot see a local service being a cost effective one.

Personel oppion from PMM who used to work @ A well know Shareware company in the past
and knows the time involved to do small run duplexing.

i dont think doing it for cds would be good as with a little help from someone who knows how to do it could learn you how to do it yourself as i think it could be a scam for someone to get there hands on lots of cds and then sell them on i wouldnt let anyone have my cd collection as i have lost too many lending them out.

Now what would be a better idea is mabee ppl with old 12" records getting them ripped on to cd (but i am not sure how you could do that) and also old cine films and home vidoes put onto dvd that would be a big seller i think and ppl would pay the money for them.

I wouldn’t like to send out my CD originals. This is a risk for the business too. Any claim for damage to CDs, valid or otherwise, will be a pain to sort out and end up costing.

I wouldn’t mind getting someone to my home to push the buttons and feed the CD instead of me doing it. I.e. you go to the customer, not the other way around. This implies portable equipment if you want a known platform to provide consistent quality. In that case, I wouldn’t pay more than, say, 50p a CD. Might not sound a lot, but over a 200 CD collection that’s £100. I would do it “per CD” not “per hour” to remove any potential of accusations of feet dragging to bump up the cost. Consider a lower fee for singles which lower in value, and are shorter so take less time to rip. But the fixed overheads of feeding the CDs in would likely still be dominant so wont be a lot cheeper.

I would imagine multiple disks being ripped at once to keep time costs down. Maximum number of disks on the go at same time would be limited by how quickly you can shuffle them around.

I converted most of my collection not long ago. Used itunes mainly as it seemed to have the best cddb type support compared to that of freedb and whatever system MS use in WMP. Just set it up to rip on insert, eject on finish, and pile up the CDs. On and off it took me about 2 weeks to do somewhere over 200 CDs spending the odd bit of time in the evening.

Too many legal problems by that i mean alot of people download music and films illegally and if the police take a look at these places they get shut down and many people’s CD’s get taken away ect and the customer would end up get taken away aswell its not worth the hassle the people that buy music and films taht want copy’s ect would be dragged into it aswell like questions of why do you want to copy it and may get done with intent to distribute the software illegally… not worth it .IMO

That was my first port of call along with the BPI website. In answer the to vinyls, that can ONLY be transferred into digitial from a LP if a digital release exists (change of available format rulings). Bearing in mind it has to be done realtime, cheaper to buy the re-release.


No I wouldn’t

I mean I’ve downloaded music and disappointed when it wasn’t the right format/quality…

Now I do legal downloads and they come at CD quality MP4 usually…I burn to CD then rip at my qaulity settings, names etc etc.

No way would I pay someone to fiddle with stuff that I can do at home to my exact settings. :slight_smile:

This unfortunately is too true… myself personally would not hand over my CD collection… its too easy to be accused of copying and distributing, or having the intent to distribute. All it takes is one person to say have you heard of… do you know where I can get… and theres ya world of trouble, temptation. A mobile service is a good idea but it can also be abused, not saying that you would, but if a person wanted 5 copies to “send to their family” again you fall into the copywrite catch.

I could find out more info for you if you wish :wink: PM me

Its just like old school home-taping. I make my own compilations, knowing that I have purchased the original and that they are for my own personal use. As long as I don’t sell them, its OK. I don’t mind burning the CDs meself. With Nero it only takes a few minutes anyway and I don’t do it that often to need an external service. Why have the tools and pay someone else to do it for you?

Well it would appear that somebody has decided to open that can of worms for further debate by releasing a USB turntable just so you can transfer your vinyl to MP3.

Priced at £120 here

£120 :eek: I’ve been using Goldwave for years :smiley:

Some of the albums I have aren’t available on CD (well … they are now, but not for distribution) :smiley:

I’ll take that product and raise you :lol:

Oh I so want one of those :lol: 16 D size batteries though :eek:


So you can swagger to work with Herbie Hancock on 12 inch vinyl balanced on your shoulder.

weighing 30 pounds (probably excluding the 16 D batteries) and you would stagger.

The advantage it does have over an iPOD is no drug crazed mugger will be running away carrying that behemoth.