Would you?

Chrome wheels on my Teg, 17" for £400 as the car selling is having a mag cover so new wheels, cost £2k shipped from states. Diablo Racing

Go for it, chrome wheels look the tits. :smiley:

not a fan of chromes really mate, just can’t help but think that every time a I see car with them it should be bouncing up and down loads and driven by snoop :wink: They’re a bit too shiney for my liking.



Have to agree with Spacey, not my taste at all. However if you like em go for em.

I prefer understated, and piss all over em and see the un believing look on heir faces rather than overt wayne’ness. However it sounds like a good deal, and if you like em. Go for it.

Theres nowt wrong with bold and brash but chrome wheels…

save the dosh and get more horsepower…

I personally like buffed aluminum over chrome, But hay to each his own. Seen cars that looked nice with chrome seen others that did not.

I LOVE chrome wheels! They are the nuts!

Getting some for my car hopefully this weekend :slight_smile:

Chrome wheels look good only with certain colour cars.

I would buy chrome wheels if I had a metallic black paintjob on the car.

Can’t think of any other colours that chrome looks good with… so…

Black car = yes to chrome
other colour = no no no to chrome

Mines white and pink, but white wheels are hard to keep clean, and you can’t get pink wheels :smiley: