XP SP2 and the ports unlocker


Chap at work needs to unlock the ports after he installed SP2.
I know there is a patch you can apply, its a DOS script but I can’t remember what its called or where I got it from.


I thought you could add ports to be unblocked directly from the control panel ‘firewall’ applet. Control Panel > Windows Firewall > Exceptions tab > Add Port.

sp2 has what is called a firewall, it’s there to protect… if you don’t want to use it turn it off, if you do want to use it why would you want to unlock all of the ports and effectivly disable it?


if you want to unlock specific ports then it can be done via the UI.

Sorry folks I meant connections not ports.

Yes I use the firewall, am quite secure as am behind a router.



there are a few link to patches for max connections Here


Cheers Curly99

Thats the one:)