YA New Guy

Aloha Everyone! :hat:

I’m YA walk-in after being released to free agency from SDL SSG. :wink:

I currently have four boxes crunching 24/7. One Athlon XP 1700 running Win eXtortion Package, one Athlon 900 running WinME, one Athlon XP 2100 T’bred running Suse Linux 8.1(the main cruncher :wink: ) and one Celeron 2ghz running Suse Linux 8.0.

Looking forward to keep crunching for the casue and making some new friends and being with some old ones that previously came here :slight_smile:


Welcome. Lots of ex skzers here :slight_smile:

Hi Islander,:wave:

Nice to see you here,:smiley:
You will sure like it here:cool: :cool:

welcome :wave:

Welcome to the Team:wave:

Hello to you Islander :wave:

and a very nice island it is as well :smiley:

Welcome to the team! :wave:

Welcome :wavey:

Yo Derrick m8, glad you finally made it. :cool:

Welcome to the world of Phoenix Rising.
Glad to see another skz-er coming over.

-Frank Lots

Welcome Islander, very nice to have you cruching with us :slight_smile:



Hi there m8 good to see you here too…

Welcome aboard Islander. :nod:

Have a banana. :banana: :banana: :banana:

Anyone seen a coconut icon?

Hiya Derrik :wave:


Welcome to TPR Islander



Glad to see you made it m8 :thumbsup:

Welcome over Islander :slight_smile:

Welcome Islander! :wavey:

How about a TPR team trip to Hawaii to welcome our new recruit? :cuddle: :chin: :lol:

Long swim, eh? Gidday!