Yellow printing ink coming out orange

As above, my HPDeskjet 5550’s yellow cartridge seems to be printing more orange than yellow. I’ve cleaned the heads, realigned them, no good. I took the cartridge out & checked if it has ink in it, it does and the software says it does too. I’ve tried peeling back the top label and blowing into the yellow filler hole onto some paper, but it still has an orange tinge.

I printed out the cowslip picture, initailly they were bright orange, but the last picture it seems to be lightening up. Any ideas on this? It’s a fairly new cartridge and I use the printer fairly frequently.

Try printing out colour bands of yellow in a simple word document, whenever I have printer problems I make up a quick word doc with some filled boxes in magenta, cyan and yellow and find out which one has the problem. If it’s a HP orig cartridge there is a form of guarantee against colour problems I think.


I’ll give that a go DT. Cheers :thumbsup:

What does the printer test page look like?

The yellows are orange and the trumpet does not look as brassy as it should on the other test print

it is fooked then

Try printing with some good old Ambrosia, that never yellows off:D

Saying stuff like that, will land you in Custardy, my lad :smiley:

Stuff like that…:stuck_out_tongue: