You ain't gonna believe it!

OK maybe you will.

I had been feeling a bit down and funky Mon. and Tue. you know sweating alot, seemed to have a tough time climbing the stairs. At 2:30 AM PST on Wed. I was awoken with the most terrible pain in the chest.

Well I was just as you might think, A Fooking Heart Attack. (thank you WebMD for online info) The right decending whatchamacallit was blocked fully at about or near the bottom of the heart and a partial blockage was further down the pipe… I called 911 on the cell phone took 2 asprin and waited for the paramedics. God bless the hotel security Guard who said a prayer on the spot for me. Firemen showed up in about 10 minutes and the ambulance about 10 minutes after that. They stabilized me and headed for the hospital.

By 3:30 AM I was in the hospital and the real work begins, EKG, blood work and then the paper work for an angeoplasty, with 2 stents. Sign and bang in goes the moriphine and the operating room, semi conscience, they snaked a set of tubes up my femoral artery and balloned the blockage. Delivered to CCU by 5:30 AM. Out of CCU to a regular room by 5PM. Quite a day. :rolleyes:

To make a long story short MAMA came to San Diego and got me and I am now home. At least 2-3 weeks rest and recoup is now needed. Doctors said I did all the right things at the right time and the amount of damage is small. :slight_smile:

Now I have a pile of pills to take, no smoking (OK I cheated and had 1/2 one writing this), a modified Atkins diet (low fat) and they think I am diabetic to boot. My blood sugar was about 300 upon admission. :eek: Got the testing machine and the strips to track it for the next 50 days. (some excuse for charts and graphs heh) :cool:

What a way to get a mid summer vacation! :nod:

wow sorry to here that m8 ope you have a speedy recovery and get well soon :slight_smile:

holy :censored: :frowning:

hope ur feeling ok dood and get well soon :slight_smile:

Hope you get well soon mate! :slight_smile:

Get well soon. I hope your recovery is swift, and I hope Mama is coping with the stress and worry of the realisation she could have lost you.



Take it easy… very easy… relaxation works wonders :wink:

Just think of all the time you’ll have to :spam:… erm I mean make creative posts of riveting content :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Originally posted by LUC1FER
holy :censored:

Got to agree with LUC1FER on that one unlucky mate.

At least you get some time for some r+r eh.

Here’s to a speedy recovery :cheers:

Not much else to say other than whats been said. Make the most of the rest tme you can :smiley:

Hope you will be recovered in full soon

(and tell Mama to go easy on you;))

:eek: :eek: :eek:

Take it easy MAJOC get well soon. :slight_smile:


“Holy :censored:” doesn’t begin to cover it when it’s a (close) friend :frowning:

Looks like the US emergency services did you proud though - hope you’ll be back fighting fit soon Major :nod:

Jeez MAOJC :eek:

I wish you a quick recovery…just take it easy from now on


I hope you get well soon!

Get well soon mate! Enjoy your unpromptude holiday.

If you want any tips on quitting smoking give me a shout on IRC… I’ll be 100 days on the 4th July :smiley:

/me make mental note to always carry asprin.

MAOJC, did you manage to map the mamals section already coz it sounds like the Docs certainly got you sorted out quickly.

Jeez, I don’t even know what I would have done in your position, except probably panic and make it worse.

I would say that you definitely had a Guardian Angel watching over you that night and now mama is there, you have them both to watch over you.

Be careful, be safe and be well!

Get better soon:nod:


Bloody hell - take it easy and lay off those ciggies !

Get better mate.





ditto to whats been said, get yourself some decent R&R lot’s of sitting about the place (in front of PC) WITHOUT a fag in yer hand!

all the best


Jeeeeeez :eek:

What an episode mate :frowning:

Now you just take it easy for a while, let MAMA do all the work :wink: . and NO riding that Hog around until you’re fully recovered :slight_smile:

Good work Maj! :thumbsup: Seriously, you sound like you knew what to do and that could have/probably did save your own life… Thank God!

My father in-law, Chuck has had this happen to him a couple times. If you feel crappy at all… as in short of breath, getting tired easy, slight pain/discomfort in you’re arms or legs then… GO BACK TO THE DOCTORS!

The doctors actually missed a couple blockages the first time on him and these missed ones are the ones that almost killed him.

Take it easy… rest… STOP SMOKING NOW!!! and eat better. BTW, Chuck is also on the modified Atkins so you are not alone(and I’m sure there are tens of thousands more out there if you look).

Glad you’re OK Maj, thats quite a scare you must have had:eek:

Take lots of time and rest up all you can m8.

You’re lucky you live in the States, over here you’d still be waiting to see a doc:rolleyes:

Have a very gentle :cuddle: