You voted them in

And now they are running the NHS into debt and fingerprinting everybody.

Are you still happy ?

1,023 prisoners that should have been considered for deportation released into the community and have vanished without trace.

The NHS is already over run but has run out of money causing 7000 job cuts. Didnt somebody promise to improve things ?

Remember YOU voted this lot back in, now you can all tell me why

I never voted them in and I never considered labour as a choice :mad:

You sounds like a very accusing term…not everyone voted for labour.

People forget that NOT voting benefits the current goverment…
Also…we live in a democracy…vote.

Maybe people who dont vote should be deported to someplace like Zimbabwae or somewhere where they have no vote…and see what the goverments are like…

The only reason I voted last time was to get rid of Labour, and get the Lib Dems out of my local council. Only 1 worked. If the current government weren’t doing such a pathetic job, I doubt I would have bothered voting, all political parties act the same, they promise but fail to deliver.

@drezha: Or maybe, more people would vote if an option “none” was added to the ballot paper, like in some countries that have compulsory voting.

And again like drezha I have never through of labour as an option, and through that Blair was a lier before he even got to demonstrate it!

A “majority” must have voted for them at some point.

I was just waiting for the majority to explain to me why they decided this lot were a good choice.

Oh and I havent even started on the “lets invade Iraq/Iran” mob yet.

Because at the time there was and still is no credable alternative, would any of the other parties have done “things better” , maybe’s it’s time to check your health insurence…


P.S. my local MP is Ken Clarke

Wasn’t me

I didn’t vote for anybody … never have done (and I’m 52) :wolram:

it didn’t take me long to figure out they are all lying cheating thieving swine :slight_smile:

now … if there was a party that had a political agenda that ran along the same lines as mine, I would vote for them …

… but it aint gonna happen, never in a trillion years :rolleyes:

and if I was forced to vote, I’d form my own party and take the loss :lol: :lol:

only ever voted once here :slight_smile: and that was for the Monster Raving Loony Party quite a while back because they seemed to be the better choice :wink:

Always vote, never Labour… always wondered why anybody does vote for them tbh.
As a person who runs a business and makes my own way in life Labour have done there level best to get in my way with no end of red tape and new taxes.
I don’t feel that you can comment on any of it unless you vote though, how can you object to any of the things that they have done unless you had a part in the process of getting them there or even trying to stop ? which you did if you didn’t vote afaik.

Trouble is, we the British don’t do anything about it. I think the French are on a high road to know where with the problems they have in the labour market but look at what happens when they get the hump about
something and get there ar$es out on the streets.
When was the last time the British did something like that, Poll tax, which incidentally wasn’t such a bad idea in principle, it was just so poorly executed.

At the last General Election, more people voted Conservative than Labour in England.

The sooner Scotland and Wales are granted full independance the better :mad:

Well when i vote i have never voted labour or the torys like drezha said there should be a option for none and thats what i kind of do when i vote i pick SNP (scottish national party) because i know they will never in a hope in hell of getting to run the country so thats kind of a none option for me no way do i think the torys would do a better job they all partys promise us things but when do they really come up with the goods its all fine promising better NHS better education and like with this last election the tories saying that iraq wouldnt have got to this point i think its a load of bo***x once they are in that door at number 10 the stick the two fingers up (thinking there winston churchill and doing it the wrong way round) at the rest of us and do exactly what they like they dont care what the little ppl of britain want as long as they have the major countrys sucking up there a***s they are happy

Its like the new parliment building they did at hollyrood what a F****N waiste of money and now they cant even use it till its fixed more money out of the tax payers pocket if you think how much they spent on it in the first place and what good that money could have done for our community in health, education, things for the kids to do even when will this country actually listen to us general public and give us what we really want instead of building new accomodation for them to sit and just look like they are interested in this country.

imho guy fawlks had the right idea lol

and we should do what the french did and make a stand that we are not taking it any more we have had enough.

not voting for any of them gives you the freedom to slag them all off :smiley:

I think I’m right in saying that the general turn out for elections has been hitting new lows over the years … although the next one could buck the trend with all the media hype about the BNP.

I love the way the national papers run articles about how the BNP are racist thugs … right next to articles complaining about how many asylum seekers are milking the system and thumbing their noses at the laws :lol: :lol:

talk about scoring own goals :rolleyes:

The labour council in my area have buggered up every project they have taken on, from a laughable system of bus lanes that cost several million more then they said it would and paralyzed the whole town for 5 years while they did it… and get this… only one sort of “special” bus can use it. To the leisure center they have just built (on a school field) so they can knock down the old one (and sell the land land for houses, which we haven’t got enough water to supply) The new leisure center which hasn’t got enough parking and is so “cutting edge” that you can’t get wheelchairs around it properly and the uber trendy glass walls mean that loads of teenage boys (or worse) hang around staring at the little girls doing gym which means that the likes of me won’t let there kids use it, not to mention the fact that its next to a forest so after said weirdo’s have finished watching them they attack them and drag them round the back. Oh, and they don’t have any security so know body stops the weirdo’s taking pictures, which would probably be against there human rights anyway (oh hang on, we’re the only country that actually bothers to enforce any of the carp arn’t we)

Caught your breath yet, because i could go on.

not voting for any of them gives you the freedom to slag them all off :smiley:

That’s a fair point and its sad that its even valid, but the fact is that one of them has to do the job, shouldn’t you vote for the one that comes closest to your set of ideals ?

i think you will find that Labour got in with a minority of the vote. unfortunately the majority was split so his Tonyness won. the first time i saw him on television his supercillious grin made my fists itch, and i dont have any greater fondness for the mans policies than i have for his face!

we voted for a PM, and got a self-elected El Presidente with a freeloading wife, dodgy sense in alternative therapies, morals so low a flatworm could not wriggle under them, and the same empathy with the electorate that a 7.62mm bullet has for the preservation of human life.

rant over.

rant over

@ Peige - same here mate, in the process of demolishing 2 perfectly good schools so they can build a bigger one on common playing fields :frowning:

and also plans for a new “uber” leisure center … although they have recently cut opening times (and some facilities) at the existing one to try and save money :cuckoo:

i didnt vote, i have never voted, i will never vote. i dont see the point tbh. after all, every party does the same things they all lie cheet and swindle us the hardworking person out of there money. if voting was compulsery i would vote but make my ballot slip inadmisable. i refuse to put my name down to consent to any of the fools to run the country i live in…

here ends the soapbox ala wyntrblue

emeline pankhurst is spinning in her grave

Maybe a little off topic, but there’s bucket loads of money paid into the lottery every week by ordinary “Joe Bloggs” type people, and I’m sure the “good causes” money could be used to help Health and Education rather than the following handouts :mad:

A new multi-million pound international Lottery programme opens today (29th March 2006) to target £72 million in good cause money into poor and marginalised communities around the world through the UK’s overseas charities.

Lottery funding will contribute up to £1.5 billion towards the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, of which £750 million will come from a series of dedicated lottery games ( The remaining £340 million will come from the Sports Lottery Fund, and, if needed, up to £410 million from mainstream National Lottery games from 2009), where all the Good Causes money raised will go towards the cost of staging the 2012 Games.

just another of the things that - to me - shows the whole system is borked :frowning:

probably … and Enoch Powell too I guess :wink:

its so true they are pumping all this money into things that really doent make a blind bit of difference to our country who cares if we win gold medals and stuff what is that going to achieve for you and i…nothing in the slightest

put this money to good causes like schools (education) hospitals (as these are badly needing it as they are closing so many hospitals and ppl ahve to travel for miles to get treatment) and the general environment we (the general public) are the ones that are loosing out in the benefits of this money getting spent do you think that tony blair will travel 30 odd miles if one of his sons are ill like H**L he will he goes private
i would love to see where our hard erned cash actually goes because it certainly is not going to make this country a better place to live.

all this money going into the 2012 olimpics why its just money getting spent that really doent need to it just gets another waste land filled with a stupid stadium and living quarters for the contenders and then what it will get knocked down again in a few years because they have nothing to put in it like the millenium dome what a waist of cash that was they really should get there priorities right.

I dont think it would change too no matter who is in number 10 they are all lying BLEEPS that couldnt run a tombola never mind a country.