Your equipment

So what photography equipment do you have?

The camera
Fuji S5600 (s5200 to our atlantic cousins)

Additional lenses
Wide angle - Raynox DCR-6600PRO (0.66X - giving about 28mm focal length)

Macro filters, +1, +2, +4 and +10

Photo printer
Epson RX560 -allin one scanner printer

A greate piece of kit, 6 inks will easily print a4 sized pics, cd printing really first class piece of kit.

So what do you use?

Same camera, no extra lenses and an HP 5550 printer. Ink is an issue, but quality is pretty good. I’ve had difficulty finding additional lenses for this model as most seem to cater only for the S9500. May have to upgrade later, but as a first SLR style camera it does pretty well (will post a slideshow of my favourite pics when I have set it up).

still using the same one from here and I suspect I shall be for some time due to the little use it gets :frowning:

Will be looking at a small point and click soon, something that fits in a pocket for days out and opportunistic snaps. The Minolta is best if a bit of thought goes in before going ‘shot’ hunting.


Currently have a Nikon D50 with the std 18-55mm lens, which has replaced my Nikon F50.

No other lenses or accessories yet (tho I have a shopping list which I can’t get passed the financial controller :smiley: )

Printer is an old HP Deskjet 5550.

Don’t have as much time as I want to do the investment any justice.:frowning:


I recently bought a Fuji S5700 to replace my ancient Canon Ixus 500. The Fuji is so much nicer to use, being faster at most things. But I think the firmware in it is in “auto” mode is more aggressive on a fast shutter speed than the Canon. I think under similar circumstances, the Fuji is much more grainy, but the Canon is more likely to blur.

Output wise I’m purely electronic. I’m not one to have printed photos lying around. Thinking of getting a colour laser at some point. I know they’re not as good as photo inkjets but photos isn’t likely a significant use if I got it.

With the fuji if it’s like my s5600 will put the ISO setting in auto, producing the grainyness, be sure to set the iso speed to 64 for most things. this can be done while the camera is in auto shooting mode :slight_smile:

Good Tip Preecey. A mate recently took several months to figure out the lower the ISO, the better the image quality.

I’m still on my Canon 20D with the Sigma 18-200 lens.
However, since my last mojos, I’ve added the awesome Canon 100mm f/2.8 macro lens - which is just a stunning lens.

Hmmm - isnt this a bit like the matrix, in measuring time by the emergence of one drunken anomoly to the next? :slight_smile:

@preecy, I gambled on the s5700 a bit as there were no reviews I could find when ordering. All I saw were the odd comment along the lines it was an updated s5600 which was good already. And the price was good :smiley:

I’m in the tricky situation of wanting to take pics indoors, without flash, in usually poor light. No tripod is realistic either. My hands are not steady enough to take pics at slow shutter speeds, although I can experiment to find where my limit is. I’m just waiting for them to come up with a camera that doesn’t need light :smiley:

Still, I bear the tip in mind if I have light available.

I have a Canon 5D with tripod and a few lenses and filters. Bought because a friend is a professional photographer and suggested it as a very good camera that would last quite a while technology wise.

I have a Fuji S3000 that’ll eat brand new batteries within 30s of the camera being turned on… needless to say I don’t use it very often ;).

Pentax K110D - really chuffed with it. Has had 4 AA batteries in for weeks now and no problems, probably taken 100-150 photos off one set.

Zoom lens 18-55 (digital) also have 100-300, 28-80, 35-70, and 70-210 (optical) from my 35mm Pentax SLR which slip straight on and work fine. And a Jessups flashgun which works fine (and so it should for the cost :eek:)

I also have the RX560 and can only echo the previous comments, but bought a little HP Photosmart 516 on impulse 'cos it was cheap, and that is OK too.

Sorry mate, but it sounds like you may have a problem if it goes that quickly.
When digital first came out I had a hp that went through 4xAA in 6 shots but they are a lot better these days.

Found the following about that S3000…

Power is supplied by four AA batteries, alkaline, NiMH or lithium type may be used. We, of course, recommend the use of NiMH rechargeable batteries , they pack more power and they’re reusable. Fuji lists the battery life at 350 frames with the LCD on and 400 frames with the EVF using alkaline batteries. When using fully charged 2100mAh NiMH batteries you can raise that to 400 frames w/LCD and 450 frames w/EVF.

With, todays quality and prices, replacement is probably going to be the better option over repair unless under warranty.

Just a thought - I had a fuji for a while. Something like the S5000 if I recall correctly. There was a feature on it that allowed you to completely drain the batteries - useful for rechargeables - you may want to check if the camera has this functionality and if you have accidentally set it to discharge the power. I never used it myself so dont know how it works in practice, but something like that might account for the rapid drain.

Thanks for that Gee, I know it has a problem though - just haven’t gotten around to looking at it :). I didn’t know about the option, so shall investigate… however I don’t think there’s anything like that set.

It’s been dodgy since I went to Dubai, it fried an XD card, and has eaten batteries ever since - very annoying since there were many fantastic photo opportunities there!

I was looking at the Canon IXUS range for a replacement, with the idea of that being for holidays and quick snaps - and getting something more serious at a later date.

I do handily work in a repair centre and as it’s already playing up there’s no harm in taking it apart for a look. I think it’s time to replace the beast anyway though, for it’s capabilities it’s a big large.