Your scooter in 'ere


My little toy :slight_smile:

I’m not sure that either of those classify as scooters… :confused:

erm… markONE - piccy size overload matey :wink:

sorting it now

Out of all of them, Majors is the only scooter that doesn’t look like it goes round corners :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Motorbikes go round corners?

I’ll never forget going down a rural lane in the old diesel Cav at 55-60 when some clod on a bike zooms up and sits the regulation 6 inches from my rear bumper.
I go through an S-bend (which you cant do fast in a diesel Cav), glance in the mirror and hes vanished. A hundred yards further up the straight and he’s caught up and sitting on my bumper again :slight_smile:

Here’s a couple I ride:D These pics are not of my actual ones, but close 'nuf.

1996 Yamaha TW200. Nice bike for what it’s built for - Dual-sport. Good torque, handles well, does pretty good off-road, but maxes out at 65-70mph on the highway. Nearing 14K miles.
Mines got a bit different paint job. Looks a little better than this one’s.

And my old man’s 1982 Honda Nighthawk 650. He uses it for dragracing (fixin’ to have a new alternator put on, only thing keeping it off the street, batt only lasts a few 1/4 miles at a time:rolleyes: ). Has lots of get up and go for sure. Gauge on the instument panel says that 9500 RPM is redline, but it will hit 11K-12K.:eek: Just a couple shy of a new racing bike.

Similar to this one, except this ones a '83, and dads has one big chrome exhaust pipe (no baffles or anything - LOUD as hell, can hear it two miles away:eek: ) coming off the headers, quite a bit different than this. And his is all black, has a big fairing(sp?) (windshield), and a “sissy bar” on the back seat.