Out of curiosity I bought an MRE pack from Ebay.
Its supposed to mean Meal Ready to eat.

I took a couple to Africa last year and they were quirky but mostly edible.
Miltary spec crackers and Pate were an excellent hangover cure and I liked the waterproof/windproof matches.

However last year I bought British ones, this was an American one I sampled today.

The only part so far thats edible has been the peanut butter cookies.
Intrigued by the self heating Spaghetti bolognaise though.

munchies just scroll down for your pudding of choice :chuckle:


I loved the pears in chocolate sauce that you used to get in ratpacks :smiley:

Which particular species other than scavengers and Bilko thought that was food? :alien: :cuckoo: :puke:

You have to admit, any food that heats itself is evil by very definition…

Although i once brought a coffee that heated itself up, it tasted carp but it was still good on a train back from London in the small hours :nod:

the chocolate pudding is the best bit in the rat packs, followed closly by the babies heads (tinned meat pie) ask nicely I may see if I can get you some for the trip…

OK, I only ate the Pate and crackers but the matches that don’t go out and the Yorkie bars that dont melt were good.

I tried the other stuff, things with dumplings, something with custard and it was edible but at last resort rating on the Michelin star menu. However the US version I tried tonight tells me there are a LOT of hungry US troops out there.

Self heating spaghetti with MEAT sauce was vile. Should have been marked “not suitable for Bipeds”

I actually quite like the brit rat packs…I guess thats what I get for being given them for cadets.

The juice is tasty espcially when you dont mix it with water to make the screech. Tasty sherbet :slight_smile:

Never tried a MRE but from what I hear, it was on of the most commonly traded items in the original gulf war…Americans had decent boots, brits had decent meals… do the maths :wink:

I remember the ones we used to use… chocolate and boiled sweet in a tin, processesed ham and cheese in a tin that if you dropped used to bounce it was that rubbery, only thing I really liked was the oatmeal biscutes, the tin opener that came with them was a hinged affair that actually worked quite well.