1 year celebration!

OK Mojo’s having a ‘I’ve been open a year’ party at his place on the 5th of July, it’s open hose (as ever in a pub) there’s bands booked, outside catering, sports games, bouncy castle and should be a HUGE doo, the other pub in the village is even closing & entering a team for the sports!

Now I’m going & I know Efaill & Preecey are planning on going, so this is just to let you all know that it’s on and that you are all invited! I’ll be good to see some old faces again and to see some new ones, especially as we seem to be having a pile of new members.

For those not in the know MOJO has a PUB , and is daft enough to let us as a team take over his function room once in a while and have a bit of a LAN in there, it usually turns into loads of drinking playing of UT2003 and file sharing ( non copyrighted material of course :agree: ) the dates for the next function have been decided on but are as yet not set in concrete (even though I have already booked leave for then) they look like being the weekend 15-17th Aug.

Well, I’m looking forward to hearing from you all,

ps, to all those that went to the last meet, let me know your thought’s on where improvements could be made.


damn! damn! damn!

There are only two days of the year where I really have to work out of hours and be on standby. One is the first Saturday in January and the other is, you guessed it, the first Saturday in July!:cry:

Happy Openday Martin, perhaps I’ll get to one of the meets instead.:shrug:

I hope it is a really great day for you and everybody that helps you celebrate it:nod:

P.S. Damski, you can add me and Gizmo to your locator map, you can take the location from this post and Gizmo lives next door, not sure how you are going to fit us both on though;)

well I’ll be going :smiley:

also a bumpet for thread :wink:

Won’t be at the aniversary bash :(, but if those dates stand for the lan then Barry and I shall very hopefully be there:D

*Hidden won’t mention that it is the weekend just before her birthday :smiley:

Originally posted by Hidden_Spirit
*Hidden won’t mention that it is the weekend just before her birthday :smiley:

'Tis the weekend before my wife’s birthday as well :slight_smile: Hers is the 22nd.

Blatent BUMP

Come one roll up roll up!

Gonna be a larf!