10.018 years of Crunching

thats mew

Sir Ulli
Results Received 19237
Total CPU Time 10.018
yearsAverage CPU Time per work unit 4 hr 33 min 42.7 sec
Average results received per day 13.51
Last result returned: Sun Sep 14:19:37:112003 UTC
Registered on: Thu Oct 21 12:41:04 1999 UTC

my first goal is reached.:smiley:

second is to reach 20 K until my 4 years anniversary of Seti@home.

Sir Ulli



Congratulations Sir Ulli:drink: :clap:
If you’ve had a good day :stomp:

Nice going Sir Ulli :thumbsup:

Way to crunch Sir Ulli great job :cool:

Well done!! :cheers:

Good going Ulli. :slight_smile:

Congrats My Friend, Very Well done :hail:

Well done m8 :thumbsup: :cheers:

Nice one Mr Ullli Sir:nod:

Excellent crunching Sir Ulli. :nod:

:worship: I remember that also…now for twenty…

I finally broke the 6000th Place mark over the weekend… 99.872% boy the 100th percent marks come slooooooowwwww…



well done m8 :thumbsup:

Very nice work!