£2.20 a pint during all ...

… world cup matches until the first goal is scored at my local (ish)

France 0-0 Switzerland

What a cracking scoreline :lol:

Had to text Ronaldo thought to ask if he could make his team mates play as badly as he did, I don’t think it got through in time :mad: good job I got my round in before the goal :lol:


Thats almost 5.00 canadian which is pretty much regular price for a pint. I worked at a bar where they had 2.50 (or 1.23£) during the last world cup.

mmm…beer… good idea DT!

Got 20p off a pint for the next month at my local club…which makes my normal pint £1.55 :smiley:

my head hurts …


£6.99 for a 5 pint jug of Carling :wink: for all England matches

or back in Bangor one pub charges £1.05 normally and on Wed 95p :banana:

I love Canada. It’s the first country I went to that had a drive-thru Brewery! Excellent!! Can’t get the Molson Dry over here very easily :shrug:

Thats too bad, next time your over, try some Sleemans beer… mmm.

normal price, £1.70, promo price £1

I’ll keep an eye out for it Fenix :nod:

Normal price £1.45… dont kno about world cup price :confused:

unfortunately he’ll be enjoying this englad match, well there’s nothing else to do :frowning:

YAY - once again we were crap and the cheep beer flowed :glug: