2000000 before the end of the year??

How about it LifeMappers?

A huge push for this target, its possible .

Would require the ZERO’s to become 100 WU’s a day…and a few extra from the normal users that give daily. So that said…I’m watching the systems and will watch others…I was going to stop at 100,000 guess I’ll try for 2M if others do…so whats it going to be?

I am not stopping and are going to push as much as I can at home.

The work machines are cached up and I will return to them in 2 weeks.

I think the 2000000 is achievable if everyone pushes for it.

I call on the almighty power of upgrade… :wink: :stomp:

I’m game for a 2MM by year end.

To do that, you all will have to…

Ban Ellis from the top ten. :nod:

Hmmmmm, is it time to split the farm in projects again … :chin:


Got two of Mrs B’s machines CLI crunching again thanks to DT’s LMDriver so a few more WUs to the pot from sunny Poole.

Bring it on. :yippee:

should be getting the new rig built up this weekend which should be good for a few more (if the dying Epox holds out anyway) :smiley: