2004 Geminids Meteors

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Nice spot ike. Hoping to remember or for someone to bump this at an appropriate time.

All together

Ooooo OooooH. Star of Wonder, Star of …

Remember some year’s ago when I worked nights seeing a fantastic meteor shower
along with most of the others on shift lol :chuckle:

Aided wonderfully by 1 radio that everytime a meteor came down the signal would dissapear breifly.

When the radio went ballistic the whole night shift shot outside to watch the meteors rain down boy there were a lot.

Darn good it was :slight_smile:


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Why of course I do…just from a safe distance, that’s all.

/what IS the great circle distance from Christchurch to Shepshed??? :confused:

/edit…Wellington to London is 11680 miles…should just about do it!

lucky i spotted this if i can and its a clear night i will be driving down the road to a secluded beach to see what i can see, cheers for the link

Boo hoo, it’s all cloudy :frowning:

wet, cold, cloudy and rainy I think you’ll find :frowning:


Funny - same on this side of the planet :frowning:

Which planet is that then ? :stuck_out_tongue: :lol: :lol:

big fluffy wet stuff here :frowning:

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