2011 GP

Qualifying Q1 just started :slight_smile:

Double DRS zone tomorrow, so I wonder if any of them are going to do qual on the harder compound saving softs for the race …


It depends on the type of track. I’ve been surprised at the differing strategies this year. Definitely made it more watchable thats for sure.

Vettel seems to have the pace on soft and hard tyres, but we’ve seen that pace disappear a few times so far this year when it comes to race day. After the last few starts from Alonso, he has to be worried that he’s behing him on the grid. Confused about the apparent lack of pace from both the mcclaren cars, but the gadgets of kerrs and drs seem more relaible than the redbulls come race day.

Looking forward to today, strategy might be 2,3 or even 4 stop!!


Red Bull seem to have the better aero package coupled with the ability of Vettel to conserve tyres like he did in Turkey was awesome and gave him a great advantage. McClaren have improved their aero, but have been let down by stupid mistakes on the track and in the pits.

Yeeeehaaaaarrrrrr!!! What a result for Jenson Button. Got past Schumacher and Webber 4 laps from home, pestered Vettel into a mistake on the last lap and won the GP!! Excellent!!! :trophy:

that was just spectacular driving, stunning