2022 November LAN details

18 NOV AT 18:00 – 20 NOV AT 10:00

TPR Lan November 2022

A long lead time on this one, no excuses! Let’s fill the room this time. It’s not just games, even if you have retired your games computer come along for a chat and catch up with great food and drink.

No charge per desk this event, to be brutally honest we’ve failed to collect anything the past few anyway without @Hids and the pub are happy to have a bunch of people eating and drinking in the room. So for that reason, lets fill the room this time, plenty of notice.

Do feel free to put a drink behind the bar or something towards the electric if you bring a beast of a machine!


There is a strong potential for me being able to get to this one.

With my change in job role, i am no longer on weekend shifts for the first time in 15yrs.

Wha’ts the lay of the land, sleeping arrangements etc ?

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sleeping arrangements

  1. the floor of the pub, be aware it can be quite noisy with nearby animals
  2. Cirencester travel lodge (closest), enough people there and a few non-drinkers mean a taxi service between pub and a good nights sleep quite possible, a quick browse and the Cheltenham one is slightly cheaper at the moment, have to ask the Bilko taxi service though
  3. Car park is huge, but no real space for camping with tents

Just to throw in some mentions for anyone not having been before
We got…

  • GigaBit networking to all Computers
  • 400Mb Down Internet for all those opps I not updated that for a while moments
  • As already mentioned stonking good grub
  • The best bunch of people you can meet
  • Massive Carpark
  • Computers not a requirement but very welcome anyone is welcome just to pop in even for an hour and say Hi :slight_smile:
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some database digging - this one is pretty close to the domains birthday!

Registered on the 31st October 2001, the first user forum accounts were created on the 12th Nov 2001.

This means in the USA that the forum can now consume alcohol? I think this LAN event we should all consume some and raise a glass to all forum members for sure.

I wonder if I can fire up the old Seti Queue if I follow the guide I found …


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Pub details and address is HERE
Lets get everyone there at the same time for once.
Plenty have been, but not all at once.
Will be good to see & catch up.

See you there.



Bout time you showed up you slacker !
I may even buy you a pint…


Had intended to go, but might not now. Finally got a completion date for my house sale under 2 weeks away and I’m still packing!

Funny the things you pop across… Cotswold pub off A417 replaces storm-damaged iconic feature - Gloucestershire Live