2024 Lan Time - Feb 3rd

Now I might be biased, but the weekend of the 10th Feb might be a good weekend …

Someone might be another year closer to taking a pension that weekend and therefore there could be cake, or it might be a lie


I know there can be a kids term break somewhere near the start of Feb, would love to see many join for a DT Birthday LAN

Any preferences, prepared to take the weekend where the most can attend :smiley:


Have you had your Flu Jab?

ban hammer is dusty, but it’s still there …

I not sure with work yet, but I think Feb 3rd is more likely a none work saturday :crossed_fingers: Feb 10 likely working.

3rd is looking most likely from the other platform discussions as well - mainly FB messenger where nobody wants to have to buy me Birthday Beers :smiley:

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Thank god as I don’t want to remortgage the house

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I would probably be able to attend depending on where it is. I suck at games though, unless it’s a racing game with an XBox controller then I suck less.


The LAN Pub :slight_smile:


edited the thread title with the confirmed date - so what do we want to stock up in the Steam Sale for next LAN?


I’m in, will come with the family and stay somewhere nearby.

Looking forward to it

What games do you play? I need to skill up a bit or I could let my sons play for me :wink:

awesome news!

we play allsorts, VR and desktop games - CounterStrike, Command&Conquer and some other multiplayers like Overwatch2 and some random stuff from Steam like CoffinDodgers.

It tends to be us versus a ton of bots in most games, so say 8 real players vs 32 expert bots is always a chuckle in CounterStrike :smiley:

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UT2004 was good fun last time, definitely want to get more of that going.

Anyone interested in some Quake 3 or RTCW?

I missed some UT2004 OMG :cry: :sob: :cry: :sob:

Yes, you were busy running around Gloucester that weekend in your gimp outfit, making headlines.
Caught on Camera



See you guys there later today / tomorrow.


Just realized I can’t make it tomorrow, family outing planned that I completely forgot about.

I’ll have to take a rain check

My apologies :frowning:

next time it is then!