20K in SETI Classic Reached!

And enough room prior to the Dec 15th deadline to spare. WOO HOO!

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Well done Brooklyn, what you going to crunch now.

Thanks guys. At the moment, I’m also set up on SETI BOINC and just started back up on D2OL. I did have a folding account for a bit earlier in the year, so perhaps that would be best to go back to, since I’ve already done a bit of crunching there already.

So, with that, I’ll probably go Folding.

To pump up Neal’s ego, I’ll say that it was his “subliminal recruiting” that did the trick. :Pimp:


:lol: Well done Brian and nice :Pimp: ing Neal

Now with that, you’re “feeding the beast”, Droid. If you hear something explode shortly, that would be Neal’s head. :smiley:

Nice going at that rate you may find ET first