386SX-25 No co-pro

those who have seen my desk will know that to make the tft a reasonable height for me I’ve got it planted firmly on a Viglen Genie 386sx25.

So what will it run ??? :devil:

When the 3.11 install on it has gone and got messed up :cry: and with it being a 100Mb HD, no wait hang on a minute - I’ve a diskless server, the floppy boots and I’m sure I’ve an ISA lan card somewhere :devil:

Progress reports as the night goes on :lol: :cuckoo:


going for the slow pro classic seti :nod: :wink:

be about a year for a folding unit !!!


You should have broken that out when Climateprediction were pumping out their 1-month units :eek:

I have absolutely no idea what has made me wonder about doing it at all - it makes a fine monitor stand.

Quick update - the kernel is being passed by tftpboot, just need to sort the NIC= option in dhcp.conf and then a crunching it starts :lol:

Its even plugged into the UPS :lol:


Think the best thing you can do with that is get the Elite discs out and have a quick trip around the planets. OR!! even Doom original. that’s what I started my PC gaming on. Excellent fun!! :nod:

darn it :mad:

:cry: :cry: :cry:

In the good old days the 8Mb of ram in my 386 cost me a fortune :cry: Its not enough though, got through all the boots of linux, happily running (if a little slow) linux bash, started ./setiathome and even got a unit !!!

“exiting - cannot allocate memory” :cry:

I tell you what though, I’m looking at the 486 for tomorrow, failing that there is a p80, then the p133, then a p2-something or other :devil:



Pentium overclocking, old skool…166 @266 here :smiley: Hark back to a time when you could get 40%+ more mhz out of the bugger.

i have a boxfull of mobos with sub-400Mhz processors in the garage, I can’t be bothered with anything thats not upto running XP properly anymore. they take too long to set up to be worth the hassle! think i’ve got some old simms that might get you up to 32Meg if you really want to get that dinosaur running… but WHY ??? :wink:

I keep asking myself the same question WHY???

can’t think of a reasonable answer yet :lol:

I’ll be having a hunt through the big box of pc stuff soon, if I have no luck with getting it to 32Mb I’ll take you up on that Radar :slight_smile: At the moment in the 8 (YES EIGHT) simm slots there is 1Mb a piece, not sure tbh whether the bus can take any more than that !!!

Made me :chuckle: when going into the bios it said “bus speed FAST : 10Mhz” :lol: :boggle:


ok - update

1hour ago (approx, time not an issue when drunk)
After a bottle of nice red wine with the sirloin steak heads into loft with 4pack of carlsberg export… :drink:

OK, so I’ve found that you need 24Mb in a machine to run diskless Seti-Classic, cant do that with any of my 386 or 486 boxes in the loft :frowning:

But I can with my old Pentium 75 :chuckle: using the P166 would be cheating as that has a working operating system on it (Win95)

Moves on to now…
come down from loft - no cans with anything in them, but a P75 crunching diskless on seti-classic :lol:
Now to get a seti-monitor program on to it after a few minutes of running to give an estimated time to complete :lol:

Damn Gauntlet - makes things all go funny in me head :boggle: :spin: :drink: :smiley:


/edit - seti spy estimate of 250:51:36, 0.39% per hour :lol:

:lol: Sounds like you’ve had a great night m8. better :o on it

ooo, its moved massively since last night, new estimated total time a smiden under 100hours :lol:

12.95% completed - but this is a 0.7angle unit, I’ll get the benchmark unit sorted once I slow it down some more :lol:


Result: 06ja05aa.24905.8385.959660.217
Seti File Name 06ja05aa.24905.8385.959660.217
Time Recorded Thu 2005 Jan 06 12:08:54 (56 days 1 hr 20 min ago)
Downloaded from setiqueue at -no date-
Ra, Dec 62.369, 26.9
Angle Range 0.753
Estimated Tera FLOPs 3.85581
Was Queued in Q001E
Platform i686-pc-linux-gnu
Seti@home Version 3.08
Completed by PINGU
Downloaded at -no date-
Completed at Thu 2005 Mar 03 6:37:34 (6 hr 51 min ago)
Cpu Time 4 days 7 hr 51 min

103hours 51minutes :smiley:

:lol: :boggle: :lol: :chuckle: The :cuckoo: things that happen when a Gauntlet is in progress :smiley:


Thats quite a while! :stuck_out_tongue:

While it’s added one more to your total…:slight_smile:
One more for TPR and one more for SETI…

was it worth it? :stuck_out_tongue: