3DTV and other 'Stuff'

I was reading jontyc’s post about HD tv’s and thought i would start new thread instead of going off topic.

Whilst reading this months Stuff magazine, i came across an article about ‘tomorrows’ technology. Seems 3DTV is just round the corner. Im not sure if I would like to buy a HDTV as im not sure when this new technology is actually going to be available.

Alongside this article was another 9 technologies just waiting to be unleashed on out wallets. The most interesting in this list include Super 3G, the successor to 3G. Ultra Wide Band, the technology set to blow bluetooth out of the water being up to 100 times faster and WiMAx, the successor to Wi-Fi with higher speed connections, greater distances and support for more users.

On a closing note, this magazine does seem to have a lot of very unbelivable things in it, am I a very gullible person beliveing what im reading in this magazine or is technology really getting this advanced.

I thought UWB is intended at a different usage than bluetooth. Bluetooth is low bitrate, but it can be done at low power. UWB is gonna need more processing power to implement so I can’t see it finding its way into low power portable devices. The usage of UWB that is most interesting to me is having a wireless monitor.

WiMax is also interesting to me, I want effective wireless broadband. Wi-Fi hotspots are never where you need them and every one is on a different payment system, and expensive. GPRS and the 3G equivalent are slow and expensive. WiMax might not be any cheeper but it can’t make it any worse. WiMax to me might do to mobile data what broadband did to dialup.