4mb NTL

Well yesterday I decided to do a speed test on my ntl line…and it seems its runing at 4mb with a 0.4mb upload wich is cool… cos Im only supose to be on 2mb :confused: ah well im not really complaining :slight_smile:

something good ntl have done ? :wink:

Yep, they’ve done a free upgrade on the 2 meg accounts. And the old top account (3 or 4 meg) is now 10 :).

Yep all 2mb accounts will be upgraded by the end of June, see Here


mine is supposed to be 2meg connection although i’m on I.O.W don’t think BT has upgraded the exchange here yet :frowning: anyone know how i can find out if they have or not ??

this is from my speed test as i said it supposed to be 2 meg

Your estimated download speed is: 131 kbits/sec - (0.13Mb) - (16 KBytes/sec)
You told us your speed was Up to 2Mb and your ISP: ntl Freedom
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Try Here

My connection is supposed to be 2mb.
from a test i done it said…
Your connection 1.62Mb

Is this normal?
Plus im with NTL should i not be upgraded?

The upgrades probably haven’t been rolled out to everyone yet. Also any net bandwidth test can only say what speeds you’re getting to them at the time. It may not be your maximum.

contention ratios, apparently not part of NTL structure, but the only way you could possibly explain the changes in speed. Sometimes I get my full whack, sometimes I don’t.


Ahh ok well that does explain it thanks :slight_smile:

yeah not all area have had the upgrades yet, NTL say that everyone on 2mb will be upgraded by the end of June, BTW Andy try rebooting your modem and see if you pick up the new config file… then do a speed test and see if you have 4mb.


ahh good idea… ill give that a go… what is the best speed test to use becuase i just google for speed tests yesterday and im not sure i got a very accrurate reading.

Ahh never mind it seems to be a goodun Here

@ Andy try this one Here


Thats excelent curly thx :slight_smile:
and guess what :slight_smile:

Fri, 16 Jun 2006 11:25:13 GMT

1st 512K took 1110 ms = 461.3 KB/sec, approx 3801 Kbps, 3.71 Mbps
2nd 512K took 1172 ms = 436.9 KB/sec, approx 3600 Kbps, 3.52 Mbps
3rd 512K took 1093 ms = 468.4 KB/sec, approx 3860 Kbps, 3.77 Mbps
4th 512K took 1391 ms = 368.1 KB/sec, approx 3033 Kbps, 2.96 Mbps

Overall Average Speed = approx 3574 Kbps, 3.49 Mbps

Does that mean ive been upgraded :stuck_out_tongue:

The page was also stored in my cache…and made it apear i was rather fast :stuck_out_tongue:

1st 512K took 63 ms = 8127 KB/sec, approx 66966 Kbps, 65.4 Mbps
2nd 512K took 47 ms = 10893.6 KB/sec, approx 89763 Kbps, 87.66 Mbps
3rd 512K took 62 ms = 8258.1 KB/sec, approx 68047 Kbps, 66.45 Mbps
4th 512K took 47 ms = 10893.6 KB/sec, approx 89763 Kbps, 87.66 Mbps

Overall Average Speed = approx 78635 Kbps, 76.79 Mbps

(I did not edit that… thats what came up)

yes, looks like it to me :slight_smile:


huh. wanadoo 1 meg down here, best results using Curlys linky is 0.84 Mb :frowning:
but the exchange is shot and is being repaired at least 2 days out of 5, maybe its time to make it irrepairable… mwahaha

yes :slight_smile: re-booted modem this morning and got this:

Wed, 21 Jun 2006 07:58:41 GMT

1st 512K took 1171 ms = 437.2 KB/sec, approx 3603 Kbps, 3.52 Mbps
2nd 512K took 1109 ms = 461.7 KB/sec, approx 3804 Kbps, 3.71 Mbps
3rd 512K took 1156 ms = 442.9 KB/sec, approx 3649 Kbps, 3.56 Mbps
4th 512K took 1062 ms = 482.1 KB/sec, approx 3973 Kbps, 3.88 Mbps

Overall Average Speed = approx 3757 Kbps, 3.67 Mbps


Wed, 21 Jun 2006 08:51:47 GMT

1st 512K took 218 ms = 2348.6 KB/sec, approx 19352 Kbps, 18.9 Mbps
2nd 512K took 360 ms = 1422.2 KB/sec, approx 11719 Kbps, 11.44 Mbps
3rd 512K took 312 ms = 1641 KB/sec, approx 13522 Kbps, 13.21 Mbps
4th 512K took 344 ms = 1488.4 KB/sec, approx 12264 Kbps, 11.98 Mbps

Overall Average Speed = approx 14214 Kbps, 13.88 Mbps

:cool: :whistle: :whistle:

:rolleyes: i wish i had a connection like that…

whats the command to check your connection speed? i have never tried it before. Me topost to have 3.5Mb per sec. But we over did the limit some how and got dropped back to dailup