600 TPR Members Today ??

Will we gain a few more ex-Skz crunchers today to push us over the 600 mark? :cheers: Only 2 more needed. I see top 10 in our future.
Steve B.


Great news, just gotta keep them all crunchin

and all :hail: the custard


I was thinking the other day :wink: given enough time I wonder if TPR could get to the top, I guess the higher you rise the more members you pick up along the way.

Just thinking out loud

It’s cool what kind of numbers we’re putting out. There are groups below us with thousands of members, but not nearly the number of wu’s. Keep on crunchin’ everybody!

Excellent growth. :nod:

I’m sure it’s because this place is so much fun. :smiley:

666 soon :wink: