£660 Kentfield K6700 Xtreme Edition B3S7 worth it?

hi guys been offered a Kentfield K6700 Xtreme Edition B3S7 for £660 from the us is it worth it what will they cost when they come out im getting one just want to know shouldi get this i wait for retail

If it was via ebay no stay clear

Kentfield = Intel’s quad core chip , lot of cons on the go at the mo.

its from a guy on xtremesystems.org who all so as a ebay rating of 800 what u thnk?

who is it at xtreme ? (Forum name) I presume one of the big boys, If its one of the one’s I know then I can pretty much say yes, it will prob be an intel engineering sample.

is name is irev210 any good?

Should be, not what I call a old timer but a regular.

It is an engineering sample, sometimes they hold more value alot of the
time not having an fixed multiplier hindering them.

Not many floating around so you would prob pay far more than that when they 1st appear here in the UK.

to late :frowning: he sold it but he as a k600 for £530 my go for that