750 Gb Hardisk

Not yet :wink:

But seemingly not far away, thanks to the ickle snippet that caught my
eye over at Hexus.

Seagate PDF file.


The tech behind is greate, have a look here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perpendicular_recording. I wonder how long till the magic 1TB is reached

Imaginge how much material of artistic nature, sarge could fit on that :eek:

Mmmm - terrabyte goodness :smiley:

Don’t fancy backing that lot up; it is a lot to lose when it dies. Have to get several and RAID them.

yummm mirrors!

Only mirrors I use are the ones you put on a wall to see :stuck_out_tongue:

mmm stack of DVD’s for that little lot…
and guess who relys on DVD’s? maybe that the more expensive option:p

Nice for a backup drive :slight_smile:

Appears to me on the market :nod:

NewEgg currently has the Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 750GB ST3750640AS for $540, a cost per gigabyte of $0.72. Unfortunately, the PATA version of the same drive has not surfaced yet, and neither has the rest of the Barracuda 7200.10 family. *

Ooh, wonder how much it’ll be when it makes its way over here. Even if not cheepest per gig, am hoping it might push others down in price :smiley:

That’s why you keep two separate systems connected through a network.:wink: I only add stuff to a couple folders on a regular basis anyways so you just backup those folders every weekend.:cool:

I haven’t had much luck with RAID. Of course I was using WD Raptors so that might explain part of it.:rolleyes:

Just been looking at HDs on Dabs… they’re listed :eek:
Following is current pricing for cheepest Seagate SATA at each capacity.

Size	Cost	cost/GB
750	314.99	0.42
500	186.12	0.37
400	157.45	0.39
300	76.93	0.26
250	59.33	0.24
200	55.00	0.28
160	45.27	0.28
120	39.56	0.33
80	34.45	0.43

So the 750GB drives are more for those who need maximum capacity in fewest drives, as mid size ones are best value.