A big Folding welcome to SLiM

Are you sitting comfortably ? Then I’ll begin :smiley:

Last night, the holy grail of emails :wink: “What is your F@H team number?”

Reply sent. :slight_smile:

Second email appears :smiley: “I think it is 315. New team member. SLiM, 3 machines” :woot:

It seems that there may be a battle over the machines coming soon to an office near me :lol: (my oh my is it a nice budget as well)

Bearing in mind SLiM has the budget for the office, I’m thinking myself and Mulda may be moving down a spot soon :smiley: Maybe thrashing SLiM at snooker the other night was not such a good idea :lol: and yesterdays offer of “run your farm in my garage to keep the car warm” might not have been such a passing comment :eek: :lol:

Welcome SLiM :nanawave: :wave: :wiggle:


Welcome SLiM :clap:

Welcome :slight_smile:

Maybe some Simap :wink:


Welcome to the Fold!

nice try :rolleyes:

Welcome to the team SLiM :slight_smile:


Welcome my friend! fold on!

Well thank you all. I feel very “welcomed”.

Now for the important stuff… Some lunch.

Welcome slim =) :wavey:

small update to the :Pimp: process, it would seem after playing with LTSP for a night and having one of his boys ask about deleting history :devil: SLiM is liking the idea of diskless workstations in the boys rooms, and I wonder what will run on them :smiley: (his second sentence went something like, “compiling custom kernel and running folding”) :woot:

He has ws005 from my farm at the moment running a custom boot kernel and using it as a tvout basically from his PVR mythTV box :clap: :clap:

AND - has me custom building Gentoo installs as well, looking at multi-core diskless nodes for the dedicated crunchers :devil:

The new office systems are also likely to netboot for the “guests” as well. Office aim is simple, the only windows boxes are at my desk. Open source all the way :smiley:


oh a PVR mythTV box. Something I wanted to try but have yet to go looking for linux drivers for my TV card…

You need a “video for linux” compatable video card.